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  1. current patch comparison

    Hello, I recently quit this game awhile back due to the time/money sink required to "become the best." The problem wasn't the effort spent, but that as soon as gear/level/skills were complete, a new patch would come out that required more money/time to progress, all the while making it easier to acquire previous "best" status through trove/item discount. My question is simple-we are currently on patch 4.2 (assuming), in comparison to BNS-KR servers, how many more patches are we away from them? While i'm not complaining, i feel like the patches were being implemented rapidly and the inclusion of trove and events made it easy to obtain current meta gear/items. I do plan to come back when BNS EN is alot closer or on par with BNS KR. Thanks,
  2. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    what makes this utterly disappointing is the fact that these are digital sales. Program codes, and not even legit "can hold it in your hand" goods. They can sell things for 1 dollar to 100 dollars and it will still be profit. Nobody is making in game items, just programming it. These digital "sales" should be the deepest discounts in all of black friday shopping (as real black friday shopping consist of hold in your hand actual items)
  3. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    wrong, the earliest and true meaning of black friday stems from 1951 in which workers would call in sick on the day after thanksgiving in order to have a 4 day weekend(as friday wasn't a given day off by employers) Source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/20879/20141125/history-of-black-friday.htm
  4. So, i was under the impression, well made an assumption rather, that raven feathers would be account bound when the new raid released, similar to MSP flower when skybreak spire was released. Will the feathers ever be account bound in the near future? I would also like to know if raven souls will be account bound as well? The reason is I was hoping to transfer feathers, and souls from my char to the gunslinger when it opens,
  5. Tower of Infinity - share your experience

    i think if they removed the timer, it would be fine. the timer is really annoying especially vs a fm/sin. I even fought a bd and continuously grabbed me until the timer ran out The TOI bots act differently depending on what type of gear you have. If you have PVE ss on, they will try to 100-0 you, vs if you have pvp ss they typically try to run the clock out. Annoying as hell either way around.

    I was thinking about this and noticed a few things: (and this is according to my experience) 1. The server mass lag began 4 days ago. Most raids occur on weekends 2. New pvp requirements make players win a certain amount of matches to get soul shields and also get a certain amount of stones, which cost BP (some can be obtained from 1v1/3v3) But the largest and quickest gain is from 6v6 as even losing with some dps and some points will net you alot of BP) 3. The server mass lag occurs during battle frenzy times 4. The mass lag occurs for a period, then stops (USUALLY ddos shuts down a network for a period of time, not intermittenly) 5. Certain people are not affected at all (depending on location i'm assuming as the lags have not affected me for mon +tues) I can't help but surmise that someone is doing this to better obtain an either better ranking or pvp equipment. This is a far-fetched explanation but just wanted to toss out that possibility
  7. Massive server lag

    no. no maintenance. My beluga rank has never gone up so fast =D. Tbh though yea maintenance needs to help or something to fix this
  8. this is not a bad patch bug, this has been like this since the beginning of the game
  9. Massive server lag

    LOL were you in that party of 6 ascendent whales vs 6 non ascendent? We were getting wrecked until that massive server lag cause ur whole team to just sit there while me and the other guy just wrecked non-moving players. It was great. Thanks for the free win ncsoft <3
  10. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Did anyone else gather from the stream that, if you don't convert the gems over, the mailing fee will be the same? I want to make sure I am interpreting that correctly. At least, i can play my alts for another month or so, because i am nowhere near ready to increase my gems.
  11. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Because EVERYONE has a full 6 hexagonal gem set lying around for EVERY alt. Newsflash: you have to use gems to get better gems, and once you merge the gems...the original gems are gone. So guess what, I have a full hepta set, and absolutely nothing else. As I'm sure is the case with much of the population. We don't have random 6 set nonessential gems lying around. So yes, our alts progress is halted
  12. Okay, I know this game is not alt-friendly, but come on, this kills all notions for any alt creation. 90g (if you currently have all heptagonals) to trade between your alts? you already have to trove your way to a heptagonal gem (in most cases) and spend a ton of money on radiant energies and mats to upgrade it, now it's 180g to transfer and return the gems to the characters each time. someone please tell me that gems will be ridiculously easy to make with this update. I have two alts that i cycle between but no longer with these outrageous transfer prices.
  13. Gem reworking question

    i think i did not ask the question clearly. I do not want a refund on gem mats. I'm simply asking if anyone who has info from other regions(or a gm) knows what will happen to everyone's gem during the rework. Will they provide a refund of the mats and potentially go into another system. (They did the same thing with the hongmoon energy when it got revamped). That is what i want to know about the gem reworking...as well as the other questions
  14. Gem reworking question

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of upgrading my gems. But before I do, i had a few questions regarding the future gem update. Will we be refunded gem/mats for upgraded gems? Will the old gems be useless when the new ones come out? Most importantly, is it worth it to continue to upgrade gems at the moment? I guess this is a question for people that played other regions. I just don't want to upgrade my current gems and they be useful for only like a month.
  15. Reimbursing trove keys??

    i agree, so roll back to the end of maintenance and refund keys is the appropriate solution. However, we all know that this will not happen, all players are doing at this point is venting their anger. It is kind of messed up though, being involved in the exp roll back and missing out on this one.