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  1. There are many complains regarding the fps drop. For some users the DVR disable worked, others still struggle with this issue. The thing is for all it started once people updated their Windows 10 to the Fall Creators Update. As of this morning its been more than 5 hours and I don't have the fps issue anymore. I manly reinstalled the latest graphic driver and disabled the diagtrack. . Disabling the DiagTrack , also known as the connected user experiences and telemetry service, is also said helpful for handling Windows 10 FPS drops glitch for the Creators Update. 1
  2. Nvidia 1080Ti Aorus 16gb / SSD / I7 4.2Ghz I have the same problem. Started about 2 weeks ago... but since I don't play as much as before didn't care about it until now. I used to run at 80-120 fps all time, but lately, while either loading screen or just passing though new area that needs to be loaded ( TOI floors for example) my fps drops at 16-20 and stays there. I repeat this happens randomly and not all the time, so I have to press windows key to tab out, they windows again to get back in game and fps is back ( I use Win10). No idea what they did or if they
  3. I would like to know if are any plans to implement sheath for swords and a function to enable/disable sheath function for those who might not like it. It's just weird to see animation of the character sheathing the sword, yet no sheath available. Any official answer is welcomed, or if this can be suggested to NC KR developing team would also be great.
  4. I've been HM11 for nearly 4 months, and recently got to HM12. I don't bother that much with levelling but progression is very slow indeed. Like people before me already said, do dailies, TOI/training gives EXP charms, DKV is a must, farm peaches if you want to buy exp charms...At events, I never buy XP since there are better thing to get but, in the end it's your decision.
  5. PC Specs: I7 7700k 4.2Ghz, 16 RAM@ 3000Mhz, GTX1080 Aorus TI, SDD drive, Acer Predator display@ 144Hz. - 2 weeks ago during BT/DKV I had 10-15 fps everything disabled and at low resolution; -1 week ago during BT/DKV I had 50-60 fps all details maxed out, except other ppl SFX which was at 1. Also all extra (bloom, lighting...even anti aliasing was on). I was really surprised... I did not change anything in my setup. If they did something to optimise, then it worked for my setup.
  6. Buhuhu...I want everything and I want it now. MMORPG definitely not for you. Good thing you quit.
  7. So true...haters gonna hate even if a pink suitcase with a million $ hits them in the face "the suitcase hit to hard and it's pink!!!Why is it pink???"
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