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  1. Yes. Another Yes. This is a no unfortunatly.
  2. Yes the maint goes for another roughly 30~35 minutes. And your topic title is incorrect, we do not have the 8th by a long shot anymore.
  3. That has always been an issue for every class, and they will probably never fix it at this point.
  4. https://prnt.sc/WF3zZzJZnwBa New Accessoires basically.
  5. I would like to add to that list that the new weapons do not give warden any resilience like the regular weapons did before, which would be a major downgrade. Edit: well that might be wrong because the dunngeon preview shows BM weapon and i diddnt realize, my bad :x
  6. This is also due to the gold income issues, if we had higher gold income overall we wouldnt be stacking thousands of them and they couldve potentially had their place in those specials.
  7. Nope i can pull up my chars f2's just fine and dont see any equip buggy stuff except the already known poharan soulshields
  8. I have another guess: Could it be that all Characters that finished Soul Boost (66 out of 66 stages) cant log in? Both my chars that i cant log into, have that finished, and i think i remember that KR had the same issue on their server for a shorter period
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