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  1. Am I the only one having issue recharging nCoins or using F5 in-game? I only see the message of they are "under maintenance" since after the patch. Also I'm not able to use F5 in-game. :( Anyone else having this trouble? Do you know what to do...?
  2. 앗 무신의탑 지나가면서 본거같아요! 저녁에 접속해서 친추 드릴게요
  3. Yes that's what I'm saying! Hate to see "you suck at tanking" to tanker! I don't play melee classes but if I ever pull aggro I stop dps for awhile for them to take aggro. It just makes everyone easier to clear instead of chasing after bosses who's also jumping after gunners. Not that I don't like gunner class in general but because of ppl with attitude like that makes me dislike gunners. My friends all play kfm/bm/sf so I don't like to see attitudes like that..
  4. You are right too. Ppl just lacks understanding of gunner class and other classes. I don't mind for gunner to burst and pull aggro throughout the game if the gunner can tank. I've seen good gunners do that and they don't say anything to party escpcially to tank. I don't play tank classes but if I pull aggro I stop dps for awhile for tanker to active threats.
  5. I'm okay with having few gunners in party as long as they don't mention anything to tanker. Gunners can burst in few sec way too high and I hate to see bragging how OP they are and tanker isn't tanking. Give some time for tankers to actually pull aggro firmly before you stand and dps away -.- This is main reason hate to see gunners.
  6. Yeah I noticed that was added to Hongmoon store all of sudden. Guess they were too lazy to update that item with outfit
  7. This may be too late and you probably able to play but the message is saying the server is under maintenance. I speak Korean so yeah... Hope this helps lol
  8. Hi all, I'm just bit lost on what to do next. I have upgraded weapon to Raven, farmed elemental acc (ring and earring) at DT and NS, got all other three legendary accessories, and soul & mystic badges. I'm doing weekly and daily challenges and got some of HM skills but now I'm bit lost what to do after this step. I know I'll have to upgrade weapon and accessories to stage 10 but it's bit hard to farm moonstones and soulstones. (This is main reason makes me tired of the game ?). I don't do the PvP unless I really need to. Past few days, I was too
  9. Mmm. I thought there was something different meaning to it in this game. I know how to use dictionary, thanks.
  10. I know this would be like real dumb question but was wondering what it means by atm. I have seen that word almost everyday in faction and regional chats but never asked anyone lol Can anyone explain what it is?
  11. Hi guys, I just restarted this game and got up to level 46. I've been following the yellow main quest and done few other blue quests - so far it's been okay. I haven't tried any dungeons like Poharan as I'm but afraid to try with other users as a party. Not that I don't want to but don't have experience in a party.. So I'm trying to look for any active clan to join in my server! Can anyone guide me where to look for clan & any tips for new player as gear wise before trying out Poharan? Thank you!
  12. Hello, I just started this game and am looking for an active Korean clan in Poharan server. I don't know much about the game yet and don't have friends so would really help to know if there is any Korean clan still active. Thank you.
  13. I'm looking for korean clan to join in Poharan server, Cerulean faction. If you know any clan, please help me!
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