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  1. I'm a warlock main as well. The only thing I can add to Thunderfox's breakdown is this: Get at least 2 characters to "Main" level. Get them good gear as best you can. Anyone who's been playing for more than a year knows that buffs and nerfs come and go. WL especially has been the target of massive hits in the past. Depending on one class makes you wholly vulnerable to the whims of the devs. In summary, don't put all your eggs in one basket. I love WL, and it is still my spirit class, but Gunner or BD seems more practical, and so I'm leveling & gearing them both.
  2. The news page gave further insight into the new "Dawn of the Lost Continent" patch. I'm asking players who've played in KR or any other server that has the lv 55 patch already to please tell me about these Solak accessories. Information like AP, Crit, etc will be appreciated.
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