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  1. Aaaah see, still a noob :> I just realised I joined one and my loading screens are ridiculously long and by the time I got in it had already been killed because I saw someone swearing at them :p How I didn't clock that I have no idea haha! Thanks :)
  2. I'm still fairly new to this game so I was unaware that you could report a bug, and the mood it put me in I just wanted to moan about it for a second :p and no I'm not a total noob, I don't click to join half way through. So yes, I've reported the job and I mean the 'bug' that the mobs at the start aren't spawning and it's impossible to even get to winter mane, after trying about 10 times last night I eventually gave up :)
  3. Is anyone going to highlight the fact that it's impossible to do this dungeon today, literally stuck and not being able to complete the dailies, gj NCSoft.
  4. they just went down for maintenance so..
  5. sunflowersOo

    Air Combo

    what's the air combo for lock? I keep asking locks and all I get is 'idk', 'its an alt im not sure'.. etc. people seem to knock me up longer and do a lot more dmg on me, Can someone help please?
  6. thankyou! i actually logged into game 5mins after I posted it and someone asked in the faction chat and I found the answer, but I didn't know about the quests so thank you :)
  7. So I'm still kind of new to this game and I have a sin on hm9, problem is I haven't ran MSP yet, I saw someone making a group for it asking to apply so I messaged them and they told me to apply, in which I literally had no clue what they were talking about and asked them what they meant? and they ignored.. Is there something I'm supposed to be doing, as I said I'm still fairly new and noone actually wants to take me on for it.. whether its because im such a noob Im asking what they mean or what, I still can't seem to get into one.. help? :/
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