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  1. think technical stuff can happen and specially when your renovating your stream room. But hopefully you manage get things smooth like your 2nd anniv stream and hang out with us bit when deeb blue arrives. Just quick note also on strange bugg. There seems to be some bugg with your items discreption and doesnt suppose to be like this. Hopefully this will be fixed on next maint+patch.You doing a good please always keep game improving and your servers smooth. Raven King's Energy and Raven King's Ferocity discription seems to have SWAPPED, but picture is correct. So which is correct one? And because discription have swapped are we going for description or the picture? Really afraid to buy and use the item until this will be corrected. Here is the correct discription and picture.
  2. As some mention here, then how come this happens after AWS(baffled, what was the reason to move here if overwall was already good before. Then make it much better then before then, if u intend to "move and improve stuff even better" not opposite effect)? You cant really fully blame that it should be on people ISP side, even if some didnt get effect as much. People who already played took their time or even money to play the game when it was good before. Now effected negativly on gameplay exp. And remember what they said about game before release to NA/EU. That ping and MS is very important factor. And that still upholds true today. People shouldnt feel that they lose out any those great game experience like before this happened cant be coicedent when many are also effected. Thats why they need to work on this issue. It still came down to that after migrating to amazon server alot of people got effected by this. And if it worked fine before that...then something must be wrong when ncsoft shifted to these new server and people suddenly notice higher ping than usuall and effect fps drop/stutter too. These migration lead to effect other ISP(while they always fix with no issue before migration(again to amazon). How you twist and turn even if it wasnt intentional for ncsoft to effect other people isp when migration happened after. But it still did and before migration server was stable for these people got effect. So in the end it is ofcourse on ncsoft side. And they should ofcourse work hard to fix this. Also part of this been hearing there was ddos mitegation ongoing that also partly factor but hopeflly they fixed this. Another related issue about ncsoft game is mxm seems to closing(more can be read about at their site) which was shame. But least now that they might free up some of server there and make good use of them to bns instead. To optimize connection for all who got effected by this latest migration. It kinda feels bad enough already 1st migration to 1 big server like Jinsoyun just to make it easier to team up with players...well it was good and wasnt so much issue then. Now they moved it again to AWS and then created big issue like people have higher ms than usuall. Ncsoft you need to get your act together Dec 6 with chrsmas holidays nearing soon and new patch to come. There no doubt this popular game will be crowded and very enough to have player base for raids etc. But it also very important factor to keep your servers fast and smooth. Not sluggish like people point out here. And some of most simpliest thing like fix some stuff in client or xingcode issue people get when starting up game or so. Is also good factor to consider.
  3. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Dont know if really help much. But maybe let google be your provider(or thr ISP provdr)? It works much better as region based content for NA and EU as we build for. And they also have strong and very flexably service around the world. Be it close or bit further range. By partnering with them, not only you getting very good and stable low ms/ping regardless for example always for users region EU location towards (DE)frankfurt or/and Fr ms 30-40 mn. Even recalling friend told for example TW vers even has google analytics messages on their own reg. Having them as partner also protects you well for ddos impacts. Best of Luck, Really like your games. Hope you able fix these.
  4. Compensation for 2 Days of Mass DC

    Either way people are entitled to their opinions. If they want to complain then why would you even care? In this case i agree with Alan that there should be some sort of compensation. There has been a lot of "bloopers" lately after each maintenance. So much latency and delay issues. Just checking their FB site a lot of latest comment really has ring of truth in them.