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  1. Magnum is best for Frost build ... better then Blue Moon, Transcendence or Alluvion ... also in future Magnum can be combined with Blue Moon (idk if you can combine Magnum and Alluvion but I dont think so)
  2. Magnum give you Frost boost for 15 seconds (it is same buff as from Dragonfrost) Magnum effect lasts for 6 seconds (it isnt noticed in description)
  3. Hello I have two questions about server transfer. 1. If I buy server transfer will I be able to play for my character until Wednesday maintenance? 2. Can I buy transfer at the last moment (few hours before maintenance) or it is to late and my character will be transfered next week? PS: sry for my english :/
  4. I want ask if anybody know difference between Backstep stage 1 and 2 ... first say "Immunity" and second "Resist" ... I see only different range but it is weird.
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