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  1. Gunner is good, fire burst best out of any class it seems and shadow is alright too and for the other things there is way too much to even know where to start so my tip is for you to just start playing the game and figure it out yourself :D
  2. havent played gunner in a while but isnt that the skill that allows you to shoot targets from 20m instead of 16m?
  3. I saw that the powder drops from some dungeons too probably the same ones that dropped radiant energy.
  4. Ummmmmm you straight up just switched from baleful to seraph with the pristine oil and then switched back to baleful again :D I would recommend just sending a ticket saying you messed up and they might give you the mats you wasted, if not next time check if you are upgrading to the next stage or switching to seraph.
  5. I dont see the issue with afking in gloom or necro when most ppl really dont want to do them as they are forced to do them cause of dc.
  6. I think lelveing a new one is way way way cheaper, nowadays with the reduced costs you can level up 1-10 with like 1k gold max and that is if you buy everything :D
  7. I am left handed myself and using right hand for keyboard and left for mouse seems so stupid to me no offense, I cant even imagine how you were able to play games with such setup xD Though still you can just mess around with the keybind changes in the settings if you really want to still use it the way you do right now.
  8. Umm if you really want the profane guns just use a brilliant moonwater key its like 30 gold and problem solved xD If you dont get it then ask support to give you back the key and chest so that you can sell them on market again
  9. Ummmm guys, you do realize that you could have just sold those cookies on the 9th while ppl were still buying them and not craft anymore? xD I am sometimes really confused by how stupid ppl can be in this game
  10. I really don't understand, after a couple of times we had upgrade costs reduced people would realize that you should never upgrade instantly, but ppl still always upgrade as soon as possible and then complain how they wasted their time, that sure makes sense alright :D
  11. What you guys talking about frost fm being bad for PvE, at end game you basically have infinite cold snaps to inifnitely spam ice rain which with the right badges/bracelet etc will end up doing similar dps to fire, the only difference is that fire has very high burst, but ice is more sustained dps.
  12. Yeh thats the thing the mat prices are probably gonna increase by a lot as everyone is gonna need them for crafting waaay more than we do now. And I know how you feel I got two alts with maxes out merry potters and acquired taste and both are gonna be useless so gonna have to level up two new professions all over again, the struggle is gonna be real xD Oh and also the black stones from the picture are gotten from chests in the DC and somewhere else I believe, where you use any key from any profession to open it up and get the rocks that are used for every profession. Don't quote me on tha
  13. The only ppl who would even buy 1mil charms are whales as crafting them cost a bit waaaaay too much and wait cheap ones arent tradable, why would they even do that xD But then yeh I guess soulwardens are gonna be used too then. And the problem with the profit is that before you just gained gold from basically doing nothing now it will be like selling mats, but who ever even sold mats to begin with since you need a bunch of them for gearing up in the first place, thats why I was saying that there is gonna be no longer any profit more of less from just crafting things.
  14. Gonna miss finding the things for gathering guilds, also some guilds now like Acquired Taste, Earthseers and Silver Cauldron are almost completely useless. Before mostly every guild was useful as with it you could craft mats that were needed by some other guild so you sold it in market and gained profit. But now I don't think you will be able to get any gold from crafting at all, since mainly everyone is just gonna have Forgekeepers and Soul Wardens (maybe Radiant if you need the orbs) and will have no point in selling anything on the market. Also if you want you can ch
  15. Having two chars and crafting empyrian charms makes a lot of money also doing battlegrounds during frenzy gives a lot of points that you can spend on moonstones that sell for a bunch now.
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