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  1. My FM: Summoner: Gunslinger: Aaand lastly, BD:
  2. Hi, I went onto my Lyn today and tried to change my outfit. I put on my Summer Groove Variant and then tried to wear Poolside Groove (the sarong thing that goes with it) and it didn't work, stating I needed to first equip Summer Groove, which I already have on. Worked just fine before, but now I can't use it! Does anyone else have this problem and can confirm?
  3. Yun are definitely really hard to make proportionate. I always have trouble with the lower area. For me the hips are either too small or too big, or the legs too short or too long. Wish I could've gotten some better fullbody photos but.. this'll do I suppose. I ended up making her lower half on the thicker side for some unknown reason, but I think the proportions are okay. This took me longer than I'd like to admit, same with Gon. I have yet to make a proportionate Gon, I just gave up after an hour or so. Proportions DO help with the walking animation, though, from person
  4. I'm having the same problem. I'll move my camera or something and the game crashes, and this just started today.
  5. If it's your first time buying, it'll take a bit. Just wait a while longer and you should receive them.
  6. This is actually the original walking animation for Yun before it was changed here. I personally prefer it; I feel like it's more befitting of Yun since it's so flowy and graceful, but I suppose not everyone likes it.
  7. Here's my Gunslinger! Did a quick photo shoot while I was in a good area for it.
  8. I highly doubt it'll happen since it was a special thing, but please, PLEASE bring back Shangri-la! Specifically the headdress because I'm biased and have a Lyn. By the time I joined Shangri-la was long gone and it broke my heart. Superfan would be awesome, too.
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