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  1. Selling scale farming services to other players. Several hours of farming the same dungeon everyday. This is the gold source of this player.
  2. This is awkward. They completely forgot about lower level scales with the copy pasted new scale system.
  3. I like the old RNG boxes when we can exchange tokens for the outfit in 1 ncoin box. Missed several outfits I like behind the supid RNG limit.
  4. Just noticed my 100+ dreamsong challenge tokens become antique. Is it mentioned in any of the streams or system change articles? These are our hard earned rewards and should not be antiqued to 1 copper.
  5. It probably depends on your class. The event weapon has 30s cooldown reset time, so if your class usually stacks buff fast and benefits a lot from weapon reset, the event weapon is not so great.
  6. Which part of scourge rotation is broken? Your focus is supposed to go down quickly due to super fast rmb without leech/soul/5stack weapon, that’s why u should manage it.
  7. I bought 1 year prem a few months ago for the extra outfit . Now I completely regret it.
  8. Used to be ok. However with current sacred orb price and nerfed resource I’m reluctant to gamble now.
  9. This is how I fix my accident for 5k display.
  10. If you have slow loading, uncheck “join in progress” dungeons while LFP for CS and HM.
  11. Completely agree with you. I don't mind cost reduction during game progression but making gems so cheap right after a swiping event is a slap on the face to many paying players. I'd think twice before putting considerable amount of money in this game again.
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