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  1. Hello, 

    title pretty much. It seems like it's not being loaded or displayed etc. to the client as sending a request to an "ex-friend" gives you the message that you're already friends with that person. 

    My block and spammer lists seem to be fine though.



    PS: The issue is quite rare. Nobody from my raid group seems to have it. I just know of a redditor that reported it as well


  2. There is a problem with support itself. I know you may not mean it that way, but telling the people affected to contact support is kind of a spit in the face.


    People that are banned can not appeal their ban properly because "out of privacy reasons" they are not given the reason for which they have been banned. Everyone knows the bans were automatic bans, yet the support staff uses very confident vocabulary explaining that the ban was justified in order to prevent a "malicious and unfun environment" for other players. You know what creates an unfun environment? Knowing that you can be banned out of the blue for a bot-hiccup and the support staff will go to all explanatory lengths to not help you, even worse when you are part of an active raid or clan.


    On a appeal, players have to be asked to verify themselfes as proper owners of the account. Then they have to be given the full details of the ban. Be fair to your players.

  3. Trick or treat?


    Good you decided to make that last moment decision. The numbers must have really looked bad to make this happen.

    There will be and already is community outlash against this change, and suddenly everyone seems to have a couple hundred radiantes stocked up judging from these irritation levels, but oh well, some things don't change.


    I strongly suggest to filter out and delete every support ticket that comes in the next 12hours that mentions "radiant" in it. Poor support staff will have to endure it otherwise.