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  1. 2 minutes ago, Belido said:

    there are also f10 gifts between players, some trade of premium time are also done that way, some might be paid with "bad" gold, F9 will be same issue and so on...

    People who traded gold for premium membership might be a problem, I agree. For that you could make an exception and refund all premium membership purchases during that time. F9 may be tricky, but either just repeating the purchases or refunding them shouldn't be a problem. Sure, someone might not have had the gold to to sell on F9 yet and you end up with more. Although the refund is a much better option.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Belido said:

    it stops to be that easy when in comes to real money, all real money payed stuff can't just be handled like *wooops it's gone* at least not without getting some real issues.

    Repeat every F10 and F9 purchase made since the last backup. Give everyone 1 week Premium Membership. Anything else?

    It also stops being real money the moment it is Ncoin, and Ncoin should not be subject to a game systems roll back as it should sit somewhere safer.

  3. I have no experience whatsoever, but rolling back to a copy (which they should be making at least once a week) should be as easy as flicking a switch, no? Especially a MMO should be prepared for when ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ hits the fan, for example when a patch breaks something they need be able to quickly restore playability from the backup.  Coming up with a process and deciding which areas to roll back shouldn't be impossible with two or three people in the time span of 4-5 days. From my limited understanding at least.


    I still don't think they should have done it, it is affecting too many people. From people taking the "moral high ground" and only buying salvageable outfits from the market, to investors, to the people who have moontides for eyes. People who revitalized pvp for the bounty of soulstones. It is hard to draw the line. Not often do I agree with what they do, but NC did make the right decision here.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Oyob said:

    a solution would be, check the logs on wednesday ban people for like 3days (you can't realy perm ban them since lack or player base.)


    Than for pet pack would be just keep it as it is, but when new Pet aura and talisman stages came, make it from than on forward like a new pet pod currency like pet pod 2.0 or something. so people can get max with the current stuff but when new stages come they have to get the new pet pods. 
    I think this would be for the best, so people wont cant max talisman and pet aura stages when the new tiers get released

    Could be good. The low tier pet pods could then also be made more available, from dailies for example, boosting progression up to a certain stage. Well rounded idea

  5. 59 minutes ago, Tufa said:

    Are you kidding me? Do you really expect me to believe that it's that hard to wake a guy up and say "um, we have a problem, shut the game down?"  Or in the alternative, to just come on the boards and say "hey guys go for it" so we can all have a chance at the opportunity without risk of ban, or post a warning that offenders will be banned?  How is that so damn hard???  Incredible.

    There is a possibility that a certain amount of players knew of that exploit long before today. There is no telling how much time has passed since they made the price like this, which will require some investigation. 

    As to who is to blame: we don't know if NCWest has made everything inside their possibilities, and my guess as to how NCS and NCW communicate is only just that, a guess. My post aims to spark discussion for a solution. There is sufficient blaming going on everywhere else.

  6. Nobody knows. We don't know how they want to address this either. A lot of people operate on the assumption that if they punished all abusers, the servers will be crippled. The actual exploit is the price of an item from a vendor, if you don't take advantage of that, then you theoretically didn't perpetuate the issue and just adapted to the surrounding market. 

    Like I said, no guarantees left or right, we don't know what's to come so you're at your own risk.

  7. Let's preface this with why NCWest/NCSoft are crippled in response time. I will refrain from describing the exploit in order for this post to stay up. 

    It doesn't seem like a particularly hard thing to fix in fast response, however, the large scale implications on economy are not that easy to make undone and those already reached critical mass like 10 hours ago.

    NCWest report those issues to NCSoft and the latter come up with solutions, usually. From the looks of it, I would guess, NCWest are forbidden to touch matters like these. NCSoft is probably not very able to respond to these things quickly, especially with the timing. They have been slow in the past, often taking 2-3 days for a "emergency" bug fix. Now, the issue was acknowledged about 13 hours ago, that's 7am in South Korea on a Saturday during a pandemic. Throw in that the issue does not happen on your own server but only on the "western" realms and any hint of a fast response goes out the window.


    With a fast response not being possible, where just a little fix would have been needed, they will have to look at a wider spectrum of solutions. A couple examples:


    • "Fix it". Change the price of [redacted item] to be in line with others , punish worst offenders, probably the people who bought the most [redacted item]. Try to roll back the server up until wednesday. Simply rolling back costumes seems like an easy fix, but the costumes are not even part of the problem.
    • "Accept irrepairability". Change the price, like above. Accept everyone is going to have those outfits now, that pet pods are going to be super easy to come by. The market will adapt. Do nothing and the issue will fix itself. Surprisingly, not a bad solution. Some people will be butthurt about everyone having X costumes, but that is just entitlement.
    • "Punishment". Hand out bans to everyone buying [redacted item] and accept the stab to the playerbase.
    • "Embrace it". Change the price of all those items from the vendor to Naryu Coins and Gold. The problem will fix itself, accept that pet pods will be largely available. 

    What are your thoughts? 

  8. 3 minutes ago, blooash23 said:


    Like I said. This is a game. If NCSoft says that they will not kill their own game then you can't do anything about that. If NCSoft sas that this is sufficient punishment, then it is. You can complain all you want, about anything you want. I tried too. 

    At some point maybe they realized that banning the active players of a dwindling game did not do them any favors. 

    Remember, this situation exists because of NCSofts fault. If they had integrity, then there will not be more player punishments and they will just try to fix the game.


    10 minutes ago, blooash23 said:

    They have the rights to do so, but buyers have the rights to complain to them? If you are not one of the buyers of their service (don't spend a single $) you prob should just keep quiet.

    Ah yes. The "if you didn't spend ludicrous amounts of money you don't have a right to complain" argument. Even if I didn't spend hundreds of "$$$$$$$$", I would have the right to complain as much as you do. The game lives and dies not by the paying playerbase, but the playing playerbase. If paying people have nobody to play with, they will pay somewhere else. Some people can't afford to pay so much for a game, due to either job or even the place they live in, they are still welcome and have a voice like anyone else.

    I shouldn't even say that I did in fact spend too much money on the game to illustrate your misstep, but it'll probably blow past you.

  9. Quote


    It's a video game. NCSoft is the judge. You can ask for justice, but this will not lead to harsher punishment of the individual but to a large scale temporary ban wave, probably hitting the most active playerbase and crippling every raid group. NCSoft still didn't the solution to the problem, gotta wait for that.



    Don't you feel shame for other HONEST players who play this game and support your game with real $$$$$$$$?

    Badly worded, but not indecipherable. When you give money to someone, you lose the money. You don't get to be entitled to a service not mentioned in your transaction. Furthermore, NCSoft reserves rights to do the things they want with their game, including taking away whatever you bought "with real $$$$$$$$" given a good cause. 


    Why do I even work so hard playing this game

    Play a game for fun. Everything else is a waste of time.

  10. Hello, 

    title pretty much. It seems like it's not being loaded or displayed etc. to the client as sending a request to an "ex-friend" gives you the message that you're already friends with that person. 

    My block and spammer lists seem to be fine though.



    PS: The issue is quite rare. Nobody from my raid group seems to have it. I just know of a redditor that reported it as well


  11. There is a problem with support itself. I know you may not mean it that way, but telling the people affected to contact support is kind of a spit in the face.


    People that are banned can not appeal their ban properly because "out of privacy reasons" they are not given the reason for which they have been banned. Everyone knows the bans were automatic bans, yet the support staff uses very confident vocabulary explaining that the ban was justified in order to prevent a "malicious and unfun environment" for other players. You know what creates an unfun environment? Knowing that you can be banned out of the blue for a bot-hiccup and the support staff will go to all explanatory lengths to not help you, even worse when you are part of an active raid or clan.


    On a appeal, players have to be asked to verify themselfes as proper owners of the account. Then they have to be given the full details of the ban. Be fair to your players.

  12. Trick or treat?


    Good you decided to make that last moment decision. The numbers must have really looked bad to make this happen.

    There will be and already is community outlash against this change, and suddenly everyone seems to have a couple hundred radiantes stocked up judging from these irritation levels, but oh well, some things don't change.


    I strongly suggest to filter out and delete every support ticket that comes in the next 12hours that mentions "radiant" in it. Poor support staff will have to endure it otherwise.