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  1. Everyone know now NCsoft is quite bad at keeping marketing and their games balance/economies well, including not only real cash stuff but also in game currency. I have small appeal of common sense to our EU/NA NCsoft - stop being too greedy! You already **** up with MxM, which resulted in this: http://www.playmxm.com/en/news/mxm-says-farewell ...................................... Maximum range 0 - 2... It's for sure not set automatically; you already ensured us about that. Rates are set by YOU. Check this screen: Starting from first, cheapest sale offers (once you click F9),
  2. It was this summer? You just missed it.
  3. Omg stop crying already. They did nothing wrong, since patches rely on Koreans decission. Hating someone because they misunderstand something - which could happen to everyone, gg! I'm glad I have at least a CHANCE to try out not-nerfed version of new raid, because I'm already sick of seeing my time spend on upgrading character was not really necessary, because content is nerfed all the time , while players are boosted... Casual game without many challenges is boring.
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