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  1. Appeal

    Everyone know now NCsoft is quite bad at keeping marketing and their games balance/economies well, including not only real cash stuff but also in game currency. I have small appeal of common sense to our EU/NA NCsoft - stop being too greedy! You already **** up with MxM, which resulted in this: ...................................... Maximum range 0 - 2... It's for sure not set automatically; you already ensured us about that. Rates are set by YOU. Check this screen: Starting from first, cheapest sale offers (once you click F9), you can see people give no shet about your even more lower rates. They simply DON'T want sell their time for ridiculous low prices. Maybe that's why we have again more bots and gold sellers? ...................................... Stop messing up with BnS now!, again pretending everything is fine / it was made by „community feedback” / it was intended... or other shets... Stop all these manipulations already otherwise, more like sooner than later, people will massively leave this game as well. Instead of earning more cash you will see the opposite effect. Best wishes, Your BnS Player since beta and ex Player of MxM.
  2. Summer Sea swimsuit.

    It was this summer? You just missed it.
  3. Removed Season Rewards after patch?

    Month passed and still no answer???
  4. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    Omg stop crying already. They did nothing wrong, since patches rely on Koreans decission. Hating someone because they misunderstand something - which could happen to everyone, gg! I'm glad I have at least a CHANCE to try out not-nerfed version of new raid, because I'm already sick of seeing my time spend on upgrading character was not really necessary, because content is nerfed all the time , while players are boosted... Casual game without many challenges is boring.
  5. Removed Season Rewards after patch?

    Okay, 2 weeks behind us. Where are my tokens?
  6. Hello. I have an idea how to solve the case with RNG boxes from Hongmoon Store - which can possibly convince players to buy them at same time. A lot of people buying these boxes only to get one specific item from them. Because drop rate is "rng", the final result is often hate of people, and so on; discourage to play (and pay^), if what they want rely basically on something totally random, not on their work. But straight to the case - Why don't add Special Tokens to boxes with 100% drop rate? For a specific quantity of Tokens, they could be used to exchange for item/s obtainable from boxes, if player didn't have enough luck in claiming wanted item.
  7. Removed Season Rewards after patch?

    Because I don't need 2 expiring costumes.
  8. Okay, so my Season reward from BG should remain able to claim for around 30 days more, but after todays patch it just magically dissapeared. Why you even touched part of the game totally not connected with a patch? Why you broke this again??
  9. Lighting rod anim cancel bug?

    You should be aware using XML is against NCSoft User Agreement, since it directly simplifies / gives you advantage in gameplay. So because it's kind of cheat, I suggest to not bragging about it - especially on NCSoft forum.^
  10. Lighting rod anim cancel bug?

    My connection is fine. It would be really coincidence happening right after patch (which broke also resisting skills of assassin). And the question is - do you even perfectly anim-cancel? For reporting this case I made short sample video, showing the problem.
  11. Lighting rod anim cancel bug?

    It still can be canceled immediately, it just often fails now. Next Mystic Badge should give 0,5 sec cd for anim canceling - but we don't have it yet. And even if we get it, then anim cancel should be still same because currently with perfect rotation you can hit wth Lighting rod twice per 1 sec. So 0,5 sec + 0,5 sec would give same effect anyway.
  12. I gave more than enough arguments. PvP is not PvM - it should require skills to beat opponents. Not braindead mashing pve combo where opponent can't do anything. But sure, keep crying. Goodluck with your "arguments" in convincing devs and all the rest about your "rights".
  13. Dude, you complain because sb isn't op anymore and doesn't provide reset skills, what time distortion is suppose to do? You complain you can't kill easly in one aerial opponent anymore? You complain about lack of resists? And how about block and resist on it? Or resistance to cc skills? Or bastion which can be reset and used again without global cd? Or standing up (backward) with F which is nearly impossible to tech-chase? Or 3 escapes: - Second wind under 2; - Switch positions with thrall; - And stun with thrall (were all other classes excluding summoner can't do anything while in air combo). Warlock have more than enough deffensive skills, not all have provide resistance to all dmg and be so braindead, such as bastion which provides 5 sec shield for 5 hits. Rather you have no idea about PvP stuff and balance. Warlock finally got his deserved nerf - deal with it. So in shortness: No more sb carry (and I didn't mean PvP here only :) ).
  14. Ninja downgrade of breakthrough discount?

    It was always 20% bellow 9 lvl. Perhaps you got ninja kick from clan or you ninja rage quited from it; Which provided you 5% discount.^
  15. unconscious (move)

    They removed it for "balance". Who cares that bd still have 2 unconcious skills, and summoner can use unconcious skill to extend cats grab by 2 sec... Sin is "too op" so lets nerf him.