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  1. Fire FM can't use Passive

    Hello, One time, waiting for the rally group to gather, I started reading descriptions of some of my class skills and suddenly I noticed that passive fire FM skill is not working properly. Look at this description of passive skills, Shock Fire and Blazzing Wall: Each fire FM cannot reach 4 charges of passive skill using Shock Fire, only use Blazzing Wall while applying continuous Ember (because Shock Fire has 6 seconds of cooldown and Backdraft only lasts 5 seconds). Is this the intended effect when designing the character skills or just an oversight from the dev team. Can other classes not properly use their passive skills or just Fire FM? I can't play Frost FM so I'm not sure if Frost Fm can't use his passive skills either.
  2. Hello, the question as written in the title. What do you think about it? Crosserver will be available or will it be replaced by a forgotten Dragonspire (party finder)?
  3. Absence of Eternity and Transcendence Soul Badge at ToI NPC

    Yes, I know where I can buy it, but it would be more convenient to have these two badges bought at one NPC.
  4. Hello, I would like to report the absence of two Soul Badges (Eternity and Transcendence) at the NPC (Gang Chiwon) at Tower Of Infinity. Certainly there was some mistake during the introduction of Solar Energy, for which you can buy several Soul Badges in Dragon Express (including those absent from Gang Chiwon) and of course the best way to acquire these two Soul Badge at this point is exclusively using Solar Energy. The divergence, which was created by mistake, can cause confusion for players who are just interested in purchasing Soul Badge in order to improve their character in the game. Correcting this problem may be insignificant for the majority of classes, but the NPC from Soul Badge known to all is the first character in which players can learn about the possibility of developing their class. The lack of these two Soul Badge can cause problems in the future. Regards
  5. Hello everyone, I have a problem. I recently bought a Mystic Badge for my BM and it seems to me that something is wrong. This Mystic Badge improves the Lightning Draw ( but does not see this description in the skill tree ( A description of Badge appears when you want to see a description of HM skills( Is this a bug in descriptions or does this Badge only work with HM skill?