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  1. The bonus stats will be reduced by a huge amount for our region. Maybe you should've waited for more details before crying your *** on the forums?
  2. Lol. Just because you can't get married irl doesn't mean you have to settle for a virtual one.
  3. Very misleading post lol. You made it sound like we got something different compared to other regions...
  4. People who don't read are foolish if they expect others to make up for their shortcomings. :P
  5. Just cover the "Received Items" icon with your hand or something lol.
  6. Maybe your PC's just bad lol. I finished my quest just fine.
  7. If you read the entire thing, you'd see this note right at the bottom of the page: "when you purchase the Heart of the Golden Lotus pack and/or the Golden Lotus Chest, a portion of the purchase price will go towards funding the prize pool up to $400,000 for the Blade & Soul Regional Championships." https://esports.bladeandsoul.com/en/the-lotus Whatever happened in the Today's Specials will not affect the milestone progress in anyway.
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