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  1. I get insta die at stage 10. no lag no freeze. it happens always. if u think u dying cuz of lag, u wrong. there is different someting.
  2. hold your poisonous words in your mouth. if you don't have any info about me, then don't dare to blame me.
  3. I heard Legendary Jewel & Legendary Element cost 1 candy. The cost has changed to 10 candy because of bug abusers. I never use that bug. Why Blade & Soul punish us because of bug abusers ? That's really boring stuff. also bug abusers doesn't get any punishment.
  4. You are not WL or you are new player. if so it's normal that you don't know what's the difference between old and new. I have playing bns since 2015 and I really know that WL is not old WL. before I was playing summoner. I left my summoner after 3 times nerf. then I created a WL and again nerf & nerf. I spent 5 years and gained a lot of worry & stress. there is no guarantee which class will take nerf tomorrow. cause we are still in beta. the game policy is "Our game & our rules"
  5. yeah nerfed. there is "raise up merchant rate " in the last patch note but old rate was better than now.
  6. We know that warlock is worst class. This is not a secret. PVE & PVE issues is undeniable. I have a suggestion. Why NCSOFT doesn't give us a free class change ticket ? cause I don't want to be WL anymore.
  7. why there is always same class characters in 1vs1 top 50 ? I'm warlock & I'm trying to be gold in 1vs1. it seem impossible for me ? it's not about the player ability. it's about choose to the true class and I don't want to create a new character.
  8. I said "I saw 0 item within 271 run." also you talking about that I forget the drop drop change and collect 250 cores for every acc. if so I need 750+ runs for collect 1250 cores. than I can take all accessory pieces right ? 1 run will take average 15 min. 750 x 15 = 187 hours farming :)
  9. Cathedra Cliff + H0 + Stonescale Passage total 271 run complated and I didn't see any legendary accesory. What's the drop change ? 1/500 ? 1/1000 ? https://ibb.co/C61bZdr
  10. if you live with your dreams, reality is kick your ass.
  11. another class killing it easily but I'm warlock. How I can kill it ? I got 2k ap. it's not about dps. example ; at %60 phase I should use stun. the stun is in thrall. I'm failing untill summon. I should use stun in 2 sec. 2 sec is not enough to summon thrall.
  12. I'm sorry but WL is dead class. Nobody care us. Therefore I left my WL a long time ago. I do not trust to ncsoft team anymore.
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