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  1. You are not WL or you are new player. if so it's normal that you don't know what's the difference between old and new. I have playing bns since 2015 and I really know that WL is not old WL. before I was playing summoner. I left my summoner after 3 times nerf. then I created a WL and again nerf & nerf. I spent 5 years and gained a lot of worry & stress. there is no guarantee which class will take nerf tomorrow. cause we are still in beta. the game policy is "Our game & our rules"
  2. yeah nerfed. there is "raise up merchant rate " in the last patch note but old rate was better than now.
  3. We know that warlock is worst class. This is not a secret. PVE & PVE issues is undeniable. I have a suggestion. Why NCSOFT doesn't give us a free class change ticket ? cause I don't want to be WL anymore.
  4. why there is always same class characters in 1vs1 top 50 ? I'm warlock & I'm trying to be gold in 1vs1. it seem impossible for me ? it's not about the player ability. it's about choose to the true class and I don't want to create a new character.
  5. I said "I saw 0 item within 271 run." also you talking about that I forget the drop drop change and collect 250 cores for every acc. if so I need 750+ runs for collect 1250 cores. than I can take all accessory pieces right ? 1 run will take average 15 min. 750 x 15 = 187 hours farming :)
  6. Cathedra Cliff + H0 + Stonescale Passage total 271 run complated and I didn't see any legendary accesory. What's the drop change ? 1/500 ? 1/1000 ? https://ibb.co/C61bZdr
  7. if you live with your dreams, reality is kick your ass.
  8. another class killing it easily but I'm warlock. How I can kill it ? I got 2k ap. it's not about dps. example ; at %60 phase I should use stun. the stun is in thrall. I'm failing untill summon. I should use stun in 2 sec. 2 sec is not enough to summon thrall.
  9. I'm sorry but WL is dead class. Nobody care us. Therefore I left my WL a long time ago. I do not trust to ncsoft team anymore.
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