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  1. I'm curious. When exactly do you stop being a "f2p player" and become a paying one that the devs apparently give a sh!t about? How much must you spend? $100 a week? A month? A day? I've spent enough in this game to buy any typical triple A title plus some, and I've only had the game a couple of months.. That amount of money gets you practically nothing interesting ingame. Content alone considered (not server costs) doesn't justify having to sink your life savings to get decent service from the devs.
  2. As usual the whales are made fatter while those that have lives and aren't up at 2am for the first hour of release lose out.
  3. I'm confused. They did the bare minimum that any company that accepts payments should have done.
  4. Never had problems queueing except with Naryu Labyrinth when I just wanted to see what it was like, ended up just running it duo with another nice game vet.
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