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  1. special latter makes it hard for people to invite people or apply to them or whatever for example i have a razor chrom tourement edition keybored it dont have the right side numbers so cnt do accnt letters
  2. well mabye they could have like 2 diffrent name system for each world like who r in Yura and zulia diffrent
  3. i compliantly agree with you as their is no point of such names to just be sitting their if the people who use to play with them just left the game , this really prevent u from really begin able to enjoy our char names for example i really want the name Yuki but its taken by a person who quieted long time ago they should make it if a person haven't been active for 12 or 6 months thier ign just changed to a random thing and if they go back on they have the choice to name their char again with a different name.
  4. Hello guys i have made a discrod were people can make groups and farm together in order to make gold , gold farming methods would be posted regularly there :) and would keep updated , as well as you can find groups to run dungeons with. Feel free to join us <3 https://discord.gg/gYB6yJM
  5. little girl with guys powerful I WANT THAT PLEASE MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!
  6. are you still open what is your priceing i would like to buy some
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