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  1. Soul Dynasty [Zulia] Faction: Cerulean Clan Level: Rank 15 Leader: Lllana Hoang We are currently looking Players for Clan Battles: Requirements: ✓ Must have Dragonforge 3+ ✓ PVP Accessories Classes we looking: -Forcemasters -Assassins -Warlocks -Summoners Others can also apply. Clan 6v6 are done on Saturdays. Our PVE Goal: - Planning to start Tacheon Raid soon. - We have 2 static VT Raids and starting 3rd group this weekend. - BTs are already done frequently. - Enjoy 70% Clan Bonus. Requirements: - VT / VT-ready gear (Raven 7 minimum) - Experienced in VT, SK and the game in general - Be active! We basically run dungeons everyday, but its not mandatory! - Understandable English. "We need players with right mindset, must know what they are doing" If Interested, PM me @Scarlet#7444 on discord for more information. Or message me in-game at "ScarletCrimxon"
  2. error 5300

    Yep same for me, it worked for only 1 purchase, now again not working, same error 5300. Did Not use any proxy or vpn, still got the error.
  3. error 5300

    Just tried again, my issue resolved. Thank you!
  4. Currently Recruiting, Strong Tank/Summoner
  5. error 5300

    I contacted Paypal, explained whole situation and after checking from their end, they wrote: "Dear Kanwardeep Singh, Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support. and I am happy to assist you with your concern. I can assure you that there is no issue with your PayPal account and I highly advise you to reach out to your card issuer for more details regarding the declined transaction. It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal." Sincerely, Paulo PayPal I also contacted my bank and they also saying the same thing, no issue from their end. So this issue is from your end :(
  6. error 5300

    Request #14446160 5 days about to go since i raised my ticket, Still they haven't solved it. They are saying it is my problem that i use high risk transaction. all i did was used paypal. 7 Days passed, still getting same 5300 error.
  7. Hi, Will someone help me i can't purchase N coins, Error saying "Something went wrong on Our End, please try again later Error 5300" . I raised a Ticket to support team 6 Hrs ago. No reply from support team. No reply:
  8. Paypal Error Code 5300

    How did it solve? please help me i am having same issue :(
  9. BLUE ROSE CLAN Leader : ScarletCrimxon Advisor: VictoriaNotSoSecret LF 900+ with good defence for BT/Tower of Eluvium Practice Raid. Timing for Raid Saturday UTC 2:00 AM (10:00 PM EST) Please Check the timings per your region. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SAanzzx