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  1. OH!! so finally we can take screenshots of the person of the opppsite faction that killed us while wearing the opposing faction uniform because it not fair and we didn't want to fight right???....-_- if someone is being annoying there is a block system already so there is no point and if you worried about pk then don't wear faction uni
  2. WOW jail time in a MMO -_-, you my good sir need take a break from gaming.(no hard feelings but it makes no sense)
  3. Only 11 fps? please that nothing my average fps is 19-20 in combat and if My fps drops it 9-13.....U must be playing nice huh and my ping is 120-160 as well and you see me complaining?? VT always had bad optimization so it prob that.
  4. What the point of this saying this here?? I believe you just want to start drama, because this event takes way too much time to clear and finding parties. I D K if your idea of fun is by watching constant party wipes but most people don't. SO go suck up to NC on twitter because this dungeon isn't worth the effort and there no love here.
  5. AH..another person who calming to quit the game, well The problem you said was all right but It took you this long to quit? most, if not all, mmo's is similar in some type of way( pls correct me if im wrong because I would love to know). Most people who continue is because they really like playing or u are a whale and quieting means proving they wasted time and money( mostly the money). overall my point is u be back = = by the anniversary, see you till then.
  6. it funny how people say "it not meant to be easy" only because they already have what they needed. Im pretty sure the whole idea of the post is introduce a way for player who more newer in gearing up to get the acc through the vendor AFTER, I Repent, After they complete the content but prob having a token system in place. It not changing the difficult of anything..it only give a sure time when they be able obtain the gear and not feeling it pointless to run every week and still not seeing the item drop. it crazy I could swear on your life that you complain about the RNG of the game so why you
  7. yea NA/Eu has the requirement system which is killing the game in a way which is a problem
  8. What? getting gold is way easier now than b4 because of the last few patches reducing the cost and allowing us to gear fast. This mean people who couldn't do some dungeons from b4 more manageable. also if you do the more rewarding quest everyday that ez 60 plus gold a day not to mention other alts so you are looking at 120 + gold. Pls dont try to say im really geared bc im not i just reach Dawn a month ago. Just have to put the time in. believe me in the past farming gold was really hard but now it way more ez
  9. That is the dumbest thing I read all month. People can spend months trying bt and still never get the acc, It pure RNG, doesn't mean challenging. Challenge come from hard mechs or solo dungeons not by chance. +1 on the idea
  10. People need to stop crying over this. The RNG box isn't really worth getting anyway and even so it just $5...cmon if u can't afford that i'm sorry for situation but i suggest find some part time instead of playing games because being F2P doesn't entitle you anything, just play. plus there other way of getting it just ask friends or clan members
  11. I'm just going to say this( i D K y i started this topic to explain to people* waste of time), u can believe what u believe in the end u keep play regardless. complainng is pointless because u would spend money anyway in this "P2W system" or if u are the few pure free to pay player, good for you but in a world that run with money u not going expect things will be given to you PCE i wont reply anymore or read bc I realized i have WAY BETTER things to do than try explain how the world works
  12. In the last trove there was no raven weapons being sold??? and the RNG is a whole different issue but understandable, still just dont spend money on a chance ( I wouldn't do it) and there other events you can get the item you want
  13. well i'm no politician, i was just talking about how business works and everything can't be completely free because it doesn't work that way anywhere. I mean they not going just give you a raven weapon flat out tho because it defeat the whole purpose of having fun playing the game if can just straight up buy end-game weap but let be realistic here most people are not going to drop thousands of dollars for one event because we all have jobs, lives, family/friends to waste our life spending $$$$, but if the few "WHALE" are spending ridiculous amount money jokes on them because against someone is
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