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  1. I liked the change on the lmb. Without target the lmb used to hook you to the ground. For example, when fighting Yunsang if he start his 3 jump + shockwave attack I generally couldn't jump and avoid the shockwave
  2. Check out the next phrase "no amount of money will give you an unfair competitive advantage over other players"
  3. I don't care about the rewards, I just don't want to be left out of the majority of the event. I've been playing this game for two years, my character has A9, true tiger, TT acc and I can't kill longgui stage 4. Recently I took a two month break from bns, I wish I didn't return
  4. Solution? Solution for what? Gear upgrade cost already increases from low to high end equipment. Upgrading bale/seraph to raven is way cheaper than upgrading raven to aransu. Even after the event is over you have about a month (August 15) to still use the stones you got during the event. 3k gold to upgrade to raven 1? You're not suppose to buy everything from F5, only whales do that, you're suppose to use crystals versions of materials, craft and transmute.
  5. What I said was mostly a reply to @SkyStorm who said: And I might listed things done many months ago, but faded necklace (vt elemental neck) is recent. This event you can get stones that make upgrades cheaper for lower tier weapons (baleful/seraph;dawnforged/riftwalk;raven) and not aransu. If this is not helping new/returning players please tell me know what this is.
  6. Where are they? 1. They implemented tokens to get legendary acc (you don't have to bid fight) 2. You don't have to spam 100 runs to get old legendary acc, now its just 10 runs. 3. They consolidated dungeon tokens. Before it was claw, horn, wing, hand and now its just draken or hellion core. Not to say that they crit more often. 4. You can get elemental acc with Faded acc and elemental prisms. 5. Most acc and mats are way cheaper and easier to get now than when the raid came out (Not everybody needs it and some raids have main priority rule) As for the gold
  7. I don't think ranged are superior. For both melee and ranged mob attacks, you only need to be concerned with attacks that does more damage or give you some kind of effect (stun; knock down; knock back; daze; air combo) and if you have to block (yellow) or iframe (red). With time you'll see that attack pattern repeat among different mobs (lvl 55 mobs will do the same attack of lvl 30 mobs but faster and with more damage). And spending more time at Basin you'll clearly see what attacks to avoid and how to (Basin its pretty nerfed btw). Also. try using more your CCs
  8. I think they could implement it. We already have currency on rng boxes (Purrency ; Cryptogram; Saberfang Claws; Maple Leaf), They could add an additional slot for the currency or give the currency plus the reward you select. But "outfit only" or "not p2w", you're expecting too much from ncwest As @SalemK said, 500 would be ridiculous but not because of the price, you are already getting some kind of reward with each key, but because F2players can't buy that much with 20 keys/day limit.
  9. This game doesn't focus on mob kill. During leveling (doing the yellow quests) they die in a few hits. While doing the everyday dungeon grind they only bother if you're doing a dungeon that require a gear you don't have. They are there just to annoy you before the real boss fight.
  10. Don't fret about it, just do EC and up everyday and you'll get a lot of materials. A few months ago I saw myself without materials too, but now I have plenty.
  11. Simplifying the transmutation and adding as a reward during events (the same way we have with weapon upgrade materials and sacred oil) would be nice.
  12. Yes, try doing raids with your guild or find a good static group.
  13. I'm well aware of that, but I don't want to spend more than a month to upgrade each stage of my weapon.
  14. Weapon stage or weapon path transmuting and crafting fees are barely 10% of the cost.
  15. I have a few things I want to say about TOI: 1. ToI is all about gear and little about skill 2. ToI don't actively mirror players. (that's possible but hardly implemented; I think bots still uses hybrid builds) 3. Bots cheat to make up for their lack of intelligence
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