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  1. The next act will be implemented on the 21.03 update or 03.21 if you are from NA. :)
  2. If the quest is not accepted, it won't be finished. The game marks the dungeon as complete, because you finished it. But the quest should be first accepted in order to receive credit for it.
  3. You probably should update your billing information. Had the same problem with my phone number and state.
  4. That is correct, I suffer about 5-7 fps drop on boss fights.
  5. So to share my experience. I was constantly bored with fps drops when I am at certain locations, so decided to purchase an ssd and some more ram to boost mine to 12 gigs for the lulz. So installed the ssd and ram, reinstalled os and moved bns to the ssd. What I first noticed, my game now auto detects most of the graphic options to be 4 if not 5, with blur effects etc. And the fps ... at Munshin's Tower with all people around me I get constant 58. In dungeons with visible characters, pets etc I have stable 71. At open fields with hidden character I get 107-120. This is a huge jump from max 60.
  6. Go to options -> interface -> check the "Display low level quests". With this enabled search the quest marker or go near the golden daeva in cinderlands and talk directly to Old Man Cho. Then you will start the quest again. It depends when at which quest you abandoned them. But you should be able to retrace.
  7. Supply and demand. Since now people make too many alts and some new players join, these materials are quite expensive. But still you can run "Shattered Masts" multiple times, until you get the skin. However they were quite expensive, depending on the people in party. The ring is obsolete at first glance, since it's needed as evolution tribute.
  8. Also in DT, the mobs between first and second bosses say something in Asian language as well, can't determine which one though.
  9. Or does it? 1 minute debuff, 1 min 30 seconds cooldown.
  10. No. Both "Sealed Raven King Soul" and "Sealed Raven King Energy" like in your and my cases are obtainable via marketplace(F5). There are new accessories which you can see in upgrade path (CRL+I), they are better since elemental damage is quite nice.
  11. Upgrade to raven weapon is easier than ever. You don't have to run the dungeon to have the materials, since they are now tradeable. Legendary accessories can be obtained for 200 draken cores each. So it's easier to catch up than before. However all you need is gold.
  12. You reinforce it with other accessories to "breakthrough". Then you need materials and specific accessory to actually do the breakthrough. And since those accessory actually can be reinforced to 5 levels, you can get the achievement.
  13. To get the ascendant you need "old" accessory that drops in game and can get reinforced to level 5, which is "Pirate Bracelet". Got the title last week, so it's still doable.
  14. I started a clan on my character to try and craft hongmoon pellet. Within a month or two, my clan was automatically categorized as competitive. Without the need to disband people.
  15. Soul shield and badges depend on the build you go into. For accessories go with elemental which yield more damage overall in most class if not all. Weapon Aransu/ Raven is best if you can gather the materials. You can also check F11 infinity tower builds for your class they can also help on your research. And of course do as @RanMaster said. Imho wind build is easier for high ping, while lightning relies too much on ani cancel and needs lower ping to do correctly.
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