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  1. 370 pet packs, where are we suppose to pull these out from? Not from events thats for sure since events are mainly where we get our oils and pet packs are not worth to get. Daily gold nerf again (a reason why most people stopped doing weeklies unless for events). Majority of the community views this badly. Stage 1 Talisman all the way until big nerfs.
  2. heh attracting new players. meanwhile the community pushes new players away with how frustrating the game is.
  3. Dont worry, they are hearing us...

    Not to mention the 5 extra stages they added for Pet after Ultimate which is 4k more out of no where. Now that just keeps on increasing due to the increasing pet pod prices.
  4. Achievements

    I'm still wondering why achievements on all our characters aren't shared/combined. I understand for the HM skills, but not everything else. The update will allow us to exchange Hellion Cores for the Quickgrip gloves, Hellion Earring and Hellion Ring. Once we get all 3 on our mains we can send the cores over to our alts since the they will become useless, but we'd have to run 100 times for the respective achievement in order to purchase it. This sounds so appealing when you have a bunch of characters, alt friendly indeed.
  5. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Geezus christ whoever makes decisions here has some problems. 4x cost for the stages from Unleashed to Awaken Pet Aura and now this. So many stupid decisions that is going to end the game. There is never any correct information. Shady *** practices.
  6. Refund items

    be glad support even did something for you more than once
  7. Changes I'd like

    I only typed that cause I felt like it, you'd complain too if you constantly did it on every char non-stop. I think they should add in a COD feature for the mail along with a trading chat. The mailing fee can be an tax and the normal features of the mail system stays, but just takes a couple coppers to send not gold. Even if they did that for premium, I still wouldn't sub. Only times I've gotten premium is when I accumulated a lot of venture tokens. Anyways they should make soul and pet account bound or something cause how much time do you actually use it if you're constantly doing event/dc. Not much in my case perhaps less than 30minutes of use on my main while I get frustrated on my alts that can take over an hour each thanks to pugs that have no clue what they're doing (lfp EC DT etc).
  8. Changes I'd like

    I'm not sure if you even comprehended everything. You make it seem like it's all for 1 character. How is anything I typed make it seem like I'm new? My main has 1k ap and with raven6/crit soul/ultimate pet. There is no such thing as a voucher for swapping our characters around in the character screen and if there were why would they put it in F10 though I can see them doing that to gain some $. I personally want to be limited cause it's tiring but it's a good way to gain gold, I don't care much for this I just felt like typing it at the time. It is abusing cause all the good stuff from events are all account bound and not character bound, such as the oils so you can just mail it to your main where as your alt will get no benefits from events; Unless you decide to actually spend all that time for your alts soul. It's the rewards of 9 all in to 1, how is that not abusing the system? The number of oils you have is so little. How many oils will I need for all 9 classes, soon to be 10? How many days/years of constant events/dcs do I need to do? That's a s*** load of time. Assuming if I play that long. As of now upgrading the bracelet to salvage ain't even worth it according to the people that I know that does this. How long will I need to sell gold on F9 to gather enough to get that many legendary jewels for alts? F9 has been broken and will stay broken as gold has becoming easier to get. So you prefer to mail stuff repeatedly between your characters? Each time typing the first couple letters then send and the cost of sending gold and some items to cost a hefty fee. Hmm, ok if you wish to use your gold like... must be nice to have a lot of gold to waste. I just don't see how you would prefer that over a shared vault tab. Literally adding more slots (equip vault tab, item vault tab, and shared vault tab. Two of which are not shared and the last one is shared). I'm assuming you didn't read the "tab" part. It's utterly pointless to have character bound items as well since almost all of the main mats we use are all account bound or tradable. I ain't even swiping and my main is all purely from dc, rng, and events x9. My alts are around Awaken Ivorymoon and Baleful 1, but this doesn't matter since weapon upgrades is an whole lot easier than accessories, soul, and pet. Tell me are you swiping cause how else will this game become alt friendly because I'm not and this is time consuming af. Anyways my main point is this game ain't alt friendly, not in the slightest bit. Even my original post was mostly about alt friendly and alt related. So multiply your tiny amount of oils, pet enhancement stones, legendary jewels, and etc. by 10. Also no swiping.
  9. Changes I'd like

    The only things I personally want in game is better QOL, such as limiting all dailies (not raids), daily challenges/week, and event dailies to one completion a day by account and not by characters (I'm just getting tired from constantly abusing this to maximize the rewards from events and now the dc due to the buff to get 10g but meh whatever). We need a vault tab for all characters to share gold/items, so we don't have to use the stupid mail system to transfer items to characters on the same account (I HATE THE MAIL SYSTEM). Most character bound items needs to be changed into account bound because ffs this game is not alt friendly at all. For example, we all know how expensive the soul and pet are, so you want us to start a new class? Well it won't go far for the majority of us. The legendary accessories for alts/another class to become an main? Lul if you can't reroll. I hope you have fun in farming the countless amounts of legendary jewels for 20g a pop aside from swiping during troves and the deals from F10 which takes forever to get due to F9 drowning in gold. One thing I really want is to allow us to swap our characters around in the character select screen (This I really WANT. To me it just feels so weird to have your main not at the top. Maybe just me, but it annoys me.) There are other numerous other little QOL, such as achievements to become shared through the account, but personally the ones I mentioned bothers me the most. If I just stuck playing my main, most of these problems I mentioned I wouldn't care, but I like to play other classes because playing the same old class is really boring and to upgrade the important equips again is just... why bother. I'd like to see some of these changes, but I have no faith in it actually happening. What a tiring "game". kthxbye