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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    I just don't get how NCsoft can announce as FACT on the news system changes 5 days ago that radiant energies would exchange for powders and then also announce it on the twitch stream, to only announce that you've changed your minds and are giving less than market value instead less than 24hrs before the patch. Those announcements encouraged players to stockpile off both the marketplace and store, potentially investing a lot of gold and real money into this. You obviously must have had a meeting to decide this, at what point did you decide that your player base would actually be OK with this? To do this, especially at this point, completely betrays the faith your community has in you. I do somewhat agree with the look on value of radiant energy to powder devaluing gems slightly too much, but you can't just announce something not only once or twice as something that is factually certain to be part of the update... you're committing to the update by this... and then last minute you do a U-turn. I seriously hope you reconsider this change before maintenance.