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  1. I have never posted anything in the forums despite playing the game but I've had enough... Because of this I cannot make oils. What gives? I posted this on reddit as well but wanted paste it here in case they don't read reddit... -_- This whole fiasco with demon stones, freezing orbs, and feathers etc has made me lose all motivation to play the game. I have been playing since beta and have 7 alts that have vt gear... They are essentially punishing players for saving up mats. They basically changed the mats without warning in the meantime we were being assured that items would be converted... Because of their error we are suffering big time... The whole mess has made me really depressed... and if they really don't compensate for those items I will be taking a break. The game doesn't deserve the amount of time, money and effort that I put in anymore. I shouldn't have attached myself that much to the game T_T ... Sigh... now I feel like I'm the one at fault for playing and investing too much ;;;;;;;