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  1. Love the post, let's wait until Archer will be nerfed a dozen times like Gunner was. I still remember how broken Gunner was before I stopped playing. :D
  2. I was hunting Dark Phoenix outfit and I stopped playing for over a year, now I have found out that it was again in Trove or F10. I have it, but hopefully it will come back.
  3. If you don't want to play the game, just don't. Simple as that!
  4. Maybe I'm silly, but even if I would have the best gear and I would be the best skilled gamer in the world - without people that I play with, I wouldn't play at all. I am not saying that those specific people I need, but some. I can't imagine playing MMORPG without other people playing with me... You can always progress with the gear or skill up, but if you play alone - every MMO sucks :D That's my humble opinion here!
  5. I don't see the point at all to moan on forum's posts, it's just pointless as BNS won't remove the Trove as it gives them so much money. And second of all, no one actually forces anyone to buy anything - let's be honest here.
  6. People above are right. AP that will be accepted to take part in dungeons will be around 1.7k. With a little bit less you would still find parties, but there is a risk you will be kicked from the party. I wouldn't recommend to go above Dreamsong Theather with less than 1.6kk.
  7. It's not a misunderstaing, my opinion is simple to get. You're playing the game, if you are - you must follow game's rules. If anyone doesn't want to play that is entirely up to that person to stop playing or keep going. I can't imagine BNS removing P2W system if they earn a lot of money from it. Just enjoy the game with whales, it needs getting used to it, changing the mindset. Regards
  8. So just double click forward arrow and you should be able to use wall walking. If something is bugged, just send a ticket to BNS support.
  9. You must complete the quests with purple star. Did you do any so far?
  10. Hi Rusa, I came back just a week ago after not playing for 1,5 years. :) There is more story and it's quite good, I was positively surprised, so I recommend coming back. A lot to catch up, but probably worth it, despite what grumpy people will tell you :D Merry Christmas!
  11. Thanks, I actually have seen more videos on YT regarding this subject. :)
  12. Hi, I am struggling a little bit with FM skills rotation. I use blazing beam as much as I can. Of course C, after meteorites, then Inferno to reset cd of met. But do I use anything else for PVE or no? I want to do as much dps as I can. PS. Also I use fire F, to put stacks on enemy.
  13. It's not done yet. It will finish 17.30 (GMT), this is what memo said on webpage.
  14. That's actually true. Normally, in regular games we can see all the info regarding upcoming patch, change or anything! It's really helpful, not just because of game economy - it shows that they respect us. We are the players! Those changes will impact our game. That's it!
  15. There is whole schedule regarding bosses from event. It's somewhere online, timing doesn't change and it's on every channel the same. Look at it, you can even print it out for yourself, so you will see everytime what time they spawn. I did it :)
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