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    Thanks, I actually have seen more videos on YT regarding this subject. :)

    Hi, I am struggling a little bit with FM skills rotation. I use blazing beam as much as I can. Of course C, after meteorites, then Inferno to reset cd of met. But do I use anything else for PVE or no? I want to do as much dps as I can. PS. Also I use fire F, to put stacks on enemy.
  3. cant log in

    It's not done yet. It will finish 17.30 (GMT), this is what memo said on webpage.
  4. That's actually true. Normally, in regular games we can see all the info regarding upcoming patch, change or anything! It's really helpful, not just because of game economy - it shows that they respect us. We are the players! Those changes will impact our game. That's it!
  5. Celestial Basin boss grief

    There is whole schedule regarding bosses from event. It's somewhere online, timing doesn't change and it's on every channel the same. Look at it, you can even print it out for yourself, so you will see everytime what time they spawn. I did it :)
  6. Valentine's Costume

    Yeah, I am dreaming about Solar/Lunar Eclipse, I hope it will be available soon. It should rotate from time to time, not very often thought, because it will be common and boring.
  7. Random Number Generator

    Noone told you to get gem sockets straight away, I think it takes a lot of time to max everything in EQ. You were to greedy, you could stop on sockets you have, and one day you would have so much spare gold - you would buy it. I know it's very frustrating, but that's the rng troll :D
  8. The Maintenance Duration.

    Yeah, thats just sad - coming back after work and not having game ready to play :D Thats the prority - food, shower, game. Who will have time to make all those daily quests.