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    Obviously you didn't quite take a close look at the values or the amount people have them from your nice little troves. Or your math sucks major ass and you should be sent back to elementary school. You literally DESTROYED every non-full octa player's plans about progress, which you make so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ easy like you so much love to say. Yeah, it's easy as long as you call your bank to raise your credit card limit. Can probably tell by username that I had to make this post just for this one thing: my cup spilled. I took a lot of unnecessary shit from the company and the employees but it's just too much what happened in these past few days. First of all, this LAST MINUTE alteration to the whole gem economy which was announced earlier just simply ruined every last bit of trust anyone had on you. Next, it's been a common joke the streams aren't prepared, the hosts hardly know the details of the content they are giving a preview of but this is next level. You even JOKED on the stream about the Radiant Energy prices and market flips, you pos' knew you'd turn the whole thing upside down. Smugging there about market fluctuation, ESPECIALLY funny how it happened on the stream that you so generously timed for us poor EU players so you can get as many viewers as possible. Congrats, you affected about 6k stream viewers who started planning their gems and hoarding Radiant Energy if they needed. I'll just put it here since can't be arsed to make another post about how conveniently you changed F9 minimum ratios two days before season rewards. It just couldn't be to boost your precious tourney players with extra gold they get by selling pet pods and whatnot since hmc/nc just gained a healthy rise in value. I'm sure those heroes will stay in the game for a bit longer now that  you boosted them. Amazing job, I'm sure everyone will happily wait you to put pentagonal gems to daily specials more frequently and, i think the word that fits here is, intended. Have a bright future NC, good job being shit.