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  1. better start looking into this if legal action is in place
  2. i still remember Jon and that shitty English accent dude making a joke about market fluctuations considering RE. So yeah, totally didn't know a thing.
  3. you realize that's hilarious when trove gives octas? and the 1k ap idiots are already everywhere PLUS we should gain access to gems since the star triangle gems should be coming to west. good job indeed.
  4. you do realize it's the opposite? they made a gold sink in general, they legit scamazed people who bought RE in F10 specials and they blocked the ingame way of obtaining Gems and upgrading them outside of troves.
  5. talk about gold sink, let radiants rise to 15g+ devaluate them to 10g (not putting a price on the gems themselves, which were my reason in calculating and having enough radiant energies, not to profit from flipping them)
  6. Greetings, Obviously you didn't quite take a close look at the values or the amount people have them from your nice little troves. Or your math sucks major ass and you should be sent back to elementary school. You literally DESTROYED every non-full octa player's plans about progress, which you make so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ easy like you so much love to say. Yeah, it's easy as long as you call your bank to raise your credit card limit. Can probably tell by username that I had to make this post just for this one thing: my cup spilled. I took a lot of unnecessary shit from the company and the em
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