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  1. not all classes are getting improvements since sins will get yet another nerf like on every patch at this rate sins will be useless soon
  2. so you never got wiped over and over in any dungeon when they were first released and you party were all new to the dungeon?
  3. i agree on that but new players who rushed doing the yellow quests only dont get 800ap they are around 700ap or less and they cant find people to run stuff with in cross with that ap cause they will get kicked instantly in most dungeons even when you actually only need like 500ap for the old silverfrost dungeons (lair yeti necro cold storage asura mandate and nexus) while for citadel and tomb those were doable with 700 before the nerf and the lowest ap i have seen they ask for those dungeons is 800 for normal mode
  4. so you are saying that the HM points dont add ap so you need to ask for higher ap cause the HM is a fake stat?
  5. Low geared people cant make much gold specially when high geared people ask insane ap like 800ap for dungeons that were doable in 4 man with under 600 like yeti masts gloom etc. And the only ones who would benefit from removing the limit are whales like you that want to use your cards and get everything easily without having to work for anything inside the game. And yes low geared people could spend some bucks to get gold but not all can do that and even if they would do that they would gear up quick and know nothing about the game and get yelled at dungeons cause they cant do mechs or dont kn
  6. and the next one will come and put it 1:2.4 and the next at 1:2.3 until it becomes 1:1 the way to fix that is that the ones selling gold stop putting low amounts of gold and spamming the currecy exchange trying to sell their gold first but will that happen? Hell no cause everyone only cares for themselfs and when they dont get it start posts like this one
  7. AP is not an issue when doing dungeons that were doable with 700 ap before the nerf the issue is that high ap players become lazy and want super fast runs with the less effort put in as possible to complete the dungeon like asking for 800+ for masts, asura, gloom or even yeti. If people want to ask for that kind of ap for easy dungeons thats fine but come on everyone was new to dungeons at first so why not help fellow players so they can also grow and later have more people to run end game stuff? The answer is egoism and lazyness
  8. is that outfit in store already?
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