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  1. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    Yes FM is the one of the worst DPS in doing dmg in F12
  2. Question on Chi Bomb/ Multi-Blaze badge

    The frost "Spirit Shot" is instantly casted after the use of shadow grasp. Unlike chi bomb, you dont need to cast or wait.
  3. Updated Desolate Tomb Mechanics

    For normal mode DT, the mech is actually like this: the boss emits the lightning chain to the farthest at 70%, and closest at 30%. When there is someone close to the marker, the lighting jumps to him and gives both of them (marker and the shared teammate) 30s of damage buffs. But if there is not someone nearby, or you are simply soloing the boss, the lightning jumps on you twice, which will cancel the buff. As a result, party, and sharing, will be much quicker for this boss. For hard mode DT, the mechanic does not change. But I still see many players doing the mechs, taking the mark, 2, 3 or 9. The boss usually dies before the first 232 phase ends. But if the mech goes wrong and teammates die, just use the res charms, which can be produced through crafting.