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  1. Even 2 year old scales arnt even account bound like hello? We're suppose to play with alts but can't even help them gear from main.
  2. When can I get KR font?
  3. There's a way to fix this, but it requires changing some stuff in the files but we aren't allowed to mod our clients so good luck finding how.
  4. So yes I'm fine with them handing me free scales, give me time to do other ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  5. I've done over 1k runs in tc in hard mode and still dont have enough pink scales. Let that sink in. For how much time I wasted in that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ass dungeon and still not enough scales is ridiculous.
  6. Abandon it and accept it again. Prob still have the old fortune favors accepted so it doesn't work.
  7. What's the point of ez mode. It's to do fast daily cause rewards are trash. So yes it should be fast.
  8. The rewards is really horrendous compared to before. Hard mode use to give me on average 25 fragments a run. Now it's 4 from dynamic and 5 from boss. The rewards really lacking...
  9. Ngl they should nerf ez mode more. It should be soloable, NM mode should need a party, and HM is meh 2-3b hp change is nothing. That's like couple sec extra fight we save
  10. Will the moonrise bracelet be account bound after the update? And when will we get more hm points? When will we catch up to kr in terms of points?
  11. Medusa another long dungeon with 6-19 scale fragments on HARD MODE not even 1 full scale. We still get cucked. 5-15 on EZ mode or take twice as long to get maybe 4 extra fragments. HMMMMM
  12. With the release of medusa can we go back to whatever KR is dropping. In terms, of 5-15 fragments and whatever the elder scale version of sea glass,blood pearls, and Skyshadow orbs and Warforge fragments I rather use other mats and put more stuff in my inventory if it would help lessen the need for scales. IF WE COPY KR DONT CHANGE ANYTHING, IF WE DONT COPY KR MAKE IT SO NA CAN USE THE STUFF 5-15 fragments is not enough.
  13. They were called Skyshadow orbs and Warforge fragments. When DST first came out ONYX SCALES were never a thing. THEY ONLY DROPPED 5-15 scale fragments along with these two items. That's why with the amount of elder scales we need and the income we get its stupid.
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