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  1. What I'm saying is, HM was the only daily dungeon I could do without F8 and you know what I hate? F8. And I'm getting sick of being forced to play a certain way.
  2. While making content relevant for existing players again is a nice concept, it messes up the new player base, and you don't want to be doing that, because you need new players, and you need them to stay. If you keep blocking every possible thing they can do in this game out of the story, they'll get bored and leave. It doesn't get more simple than that. I had just gotten to the point my friend and I could 2-player Heaven's Mandate and now we can't again. Now you're boosting something else? Screw everyone new then I guess. That's how old content works, for the record. Eventually, it
  3. The Skyborn Clan is recruiting! The Skyborn is a Cerulean Order social clan created by low-geared players looking for other low-geared players. Together, we intend to become high-geared. We figure with enough lower-geared players gathered together, we should be able to generate enough DPS to manage to take on some of the lower-level dungeons and start getting each other ready for the bigger and harder dungeons, and maybe we'll manage to have some fun and make friends along the way. If you're lower-geared like us and want to help fellow low-geared players take on dungeons and grow, give us
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