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  1. you dont understand the real meaning of an official announcement made on website and official preview stream... it's not a gamble ... This was originally released just to be edited with this after http://prntscr.com/gypqlp AFTER http://prntscr.com/gypr41 RIP Ncsoft credibility...
  2. you just dont figure out the amount of rage quit clanmates and friends in my entourage the serv is gonna be so empty this week-end mega merge serv incoming
  3. Let me see if I understand this chain of events (aka shit storm) you guys created: Knowingly issue false statements in a stream that a lot of players either a) watched or b) had knowledge of Crash the F9 exchange Add an item, that was discussed in item #1, on F10 at a price of 15g, knowing for a fact you had intentions of devaluing it to 10g within hours Issue a statement, post facto, that said you were devaluing an item talked about in #1 and #3 You either did this negligently and/or with the intent to cause financial harm to your customers OR you're massively incompe
  4. Party chat still broken for me too. EU, Jinsoyun.
  5. Bonjour Depuis hier le chat en chan party ne fonctionne plus Seul le chan faction et zone /dire fonctionnent toujours Une solution a ce problème svp ?
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