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  1. I dont want either. Theres differences between "almost" everyone in your post agrees with you on that 20g option AND almost everyone in the GAME agrees with you
  2. Just HM8 no wonder your friend thinks that way. And I doubt if ur friend has ever been trying arena pvp. Besides, ur friend says dps the boss is boring as you just sit there but prefer to be a healer. Isn't a healer also just sit there and heal towards teammates? Oh but its not happening in bns, when you play sf you can heal ur team while dpsing the boss.
  3. Do you have the screenshot? I don't believe 700 ap can do that much damage, are you sure it's 3.5 million not 30 thousand?
  4. Open world PvP

    benefit whales and greatly obstruct pve experience for low/med gear players. No thanks
  5. B&S CN Information

    As a Chinese, I would like to tell u the truth. If you are a whale in NA/EU, you are a normal player in China version. If you don't believe me then just keep playing you will soon find out.
  6. What is best PvP class?

    Summoner for new player otherwise SIN or FM
  7. Tanking boss problem in EC hard mode

    Thank you very much for the quick and clear response ^_^
  8. So the boss attack pattern from EC HM is kind of different compared to NM. Let's say if I get the aggro but somehow he will randomly dash to some area and launch a very wide range aoe something look like slice to me? (I suppose). I can totally iframe the aoe without bothering, but usually, my teammates will get hit from it and it does insane damage. Even though I rushed and q/e to his back as soon as I saw him dash to somewhere, his aoe won't switch the direction to where I was. Unlike in NM he stays where he at as always and facing only towards the tanker, once I get the aggro and remain at one position(no any rotating around), my teammates won't have to worry anything and just to dps behind the boss. So how should I tank him in HM to guarantee the safety of my teammates? I'm still learning to be a gud tanker.
  9. Is there a trove this season?

    The announce of the event is the first thing do to in game +1