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  1. LF Lady Friend to play with

    Hey, is it too late to say I am interested in this offer? here is my discord btw, thanks; 의심#5357 :3
  2. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    Ah! and my discord is Allen#5357 >:3
  3. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    Hihi owo and yes I'm from Gunma! Sadly not many people play on that server group ;o;
  4. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    Hihi everyone owo Sadly I don't have a character in Mushin at the moment buttttttt~ I'm planning on making one! Right now I play a lyn male blade dancer on Gunma named Azui Nakani >w< I'll be keeping up with this thread and I'm fairly active on BnS!~ Love you all and I hope we can keep in touch! I also have a discord if anyone wants to contact me through there!>:3