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  1. YES, some nice black girl with dude's voice after yesterdays ... good time...
  2. "We are sorry we are : run out of keys; your country in the black list; meteorite hit our office and we needed just increase our newspaper user list"
  3. Because you have to much time, so use it for some purpose, I just to interfere weather... now it's about -15... And channels no one adds or removes them, more peoples more channels. 24 at max if wants 1 more he goes to next one, you can invite some friends to your party and be no limits. And after left 3 or so channels be blank and with 0 disappears. So event, not more than 50 peoples at the moment and u crying that wait too long... At the start there more than 300... Shame on you.
  4. YOU LOSING POINT... new game character ... its similar to the new player so would be nice more peoples to have it... and to have it need to be somehow attractive... And second, if you were dead easy, go do something with it at new gear or weapon level :) I was angry to be killed by a bot with 200 ap lower... but... its business, and ... from a different perspective of view the challenge to stay longer in game. :)
  5. U strange with your "max gear problems"... When I'm in new game I ALLWAYS go to the end 2-3 month, just enjoy game, story and all what its have to offer, farmerama I stopt to play when "they" made insted 1 large 4 smaller with 2-3 buff... And last 3-6 levels for "professional players 1+ year long" who farms 1 item only 2-3 weeks after its released. To "ceep it up" is enought 4-6 month per year. 5-8 hours daily, other you have free time to go look around... Use events right.
  6. 1 year, or next year 9 month or year after next gonna be 6 month.
  7. Be happy work hard return at home at 6-7 evening and ... wait in line and spin 2-3 hours what do else u want from game?
  8. WE NEED MORE LOVE!!! So put soulfighter fights when he tanking, now he TANK rights? Not some mambojambo F12.
  9. GREAT JOB!!! so game over for me, I started magic fighter and optimized for his fight. And now i have some trash walker, who have all aptimization just for fighting mode, no targeting maked right, just runing imbicil around, must walk 5 seconds after boss aura hits back, just enought time to get new one and repeat walking procedure. No shields no aura resists some idiotik 5 hit defence every 1 minute. There no buttons to go to boss fast, idiotik character moving hands and doing nothing at all, not going to enemy for hit. If to close he in boss center and there no damage, if to far he do half o
  10. yesyes dont forget love event, people in game needs 20 frags, so be nice and sty longer.
  11. Ask then little bit longer and complete "cpec logo" on head to.
  12. WHAT A HELL U GOINT TO THOUS DAMN WEALS SPINNERS? this event 1 chokolate per day and 9 from week. ALL writing some nonsences "little drop possibility". DROP POSSIBILITY OF WHAT?! after u have "neutral" 2x65 gonna go to "best friend for life" and gonna write to him - u know leave char for a hour I need event complete so gonna kill and res u 40 times?! U must be kidding right? Or u so short for moonstone and sacred crystals?
  13. If I would be 8th in your picture... 16 weakly boxes 5 in each 80, so daily 12 ... 5 minutes just to "use", without "interfiered" 45 minutes, u must be kidding right..? And there 25 to maxed and just with invites after.... Seriously guys what u doing..? Now your event looks like CCPC times when all to everyone... You really missed thous times so much? Line 10+ nearly smaller line 3+ who without line...
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