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  1. It's not a free ride. You were not there so you have no idea what is happening. I did the most damage and the 2 players who bid for everything was not doing much due to poor gear and low AP and one actually afk for half the time claiming lag. I carried them. Then they bid for items while laughing in my face. Besides, i didn't use the orb at the beginning, not until every other player said they don't have orb. I don't understand why people say it is a free ride. They won't even be able to do the quest without an orb. And the reward for them in helping is the reward from completing the quest itself, the gold, the mats and the daily challenge done. And "why don't you do it by yourself?" is just plain silly. Right, I play and MMO to "do everything by myself". Anyway, my gripe is with the handful of players who are not team players. At the end of the day, it is just an orb, it is just some digital loot, and it is just a game. :)
  2. Heh... Just did HM with my orb and 2 party members actually bid on ALL items... telling them MOML and they said nope, it's theirs... I guess there are always childish, greedy players out there who has no respect for anything except themselves and what they want... REMOVE the unnecessary orb requirement!!!
  3. Thanks

    Mate, your Whale 'tail' is showing... New out-of-story alt having gilded squares and triangles...yeah...most players have that too to clear longgui stage 3.... <.<
  4. Thanks

    So another event dungeon for whales. That's good. Saves me some time. Less daily play time for me is always a good thing. :) Basically it's just an event dungeon for whales to get the fire wings so they can show off. They surely do not need the SS or the oct gems... Peasants like me will stick to the second class event rewards.
  5. @darkhell666 @CastielSeven tell it to this guy. It is fine for him to call anyone who disagree with him ignorant, but when i call those who wanted both bosses' loot greedy, I am 'labeling people'. The irony is he called my post a 'slanting fallacy' when he is the one perpetuating one... Anyway, as many have already said in the forum, there is absolutely no need for orbs in CS and HM since both are already gated by once a day completion(apart from resets). Just remove the orbs and there won't be any argument or drama as all loot will be free bidding.
  6. You need 8 powders to make an octa and get back 8 if you salvage and octa. So why doesn't this apply to hepta?
  7. Funny, been playing since beta and never have I encountered MOML means both bosses in CS (even during white orbs time). I do not know what kind of people you are playing with, they have either sold you on a fake notion or you are too generous to them. It is by no means a standard as you claimed, as evidently some players here disagree with your 'Standard". And I don't think they are 'new' players. This problem only started after the latest patch and event where it got harder to get into CS and the loot got better because of the event and unity drops. Trust the greedy people to surface during such situations. Yes, I cannot solo CS, therefore I party with randoms in F8. We killed the first boss TOGETHER WITHOUT using an orb and therefore we all get to bid on the loot. And yes, I do have a choice not to be in a party with a greedy player who insisted on both bosses' loot and I just did that earlier. I can always find some party with players who are not greedy. I am lucky to report that playing on 8 alts since the beginning of the event, I have only encountered once where a person wanted both bosses' loot for his/her orb in CS, which is today. ^Agreed. ^Agreed.
  8. @Cyan While you are at it, can you let them know that to make a Hepta we need 2 powders but we do not get the powders back if we salvage a hepta after the patch? Thanks.
  9. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    <Gems, Gem Powder, Solar Energy: "The transmutation cost has been reduced" "Gems cost in the Dragon Express have been greatly reduced" Really? You can't buy them with powder anymore. Only with Solar Energy and Tickets. Hexa, Hepta Tickets as rare drop or from Events. And we get only 4 Solar Energy each day. Need them for other things too. You need hundreds of those. How many years should i do the daily? And you removed the source to get Powder. Forgot to mention it, hu? Only salvage Octa+ gives Powder back. But you also need Powder to make them. No Octa-Gem as drop or ticket. The only way to get Powder: Trove, F10. (the rare BT Drop is no real source) F5 price will go up high. And later it will be rare.> _____________________________ The kicker is you need 2 gem powders to trasmute from hex to hept, but you don't get the powders back if you salvage a hept...
  10. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Your wallets/credit cards speak louder than words on the forum. No point ranting here and the next moment buying trove keys for the event. This is obviously a mistake on NCsoft/NCwest part. If they do not rectify, stop supporting them with your money. BTW, no orb to get into HM/CS? No worries! You can buy the orb shards now on Today's Special!! Low blow NCsoft...
  11. 3rd Anniversary Festival: Events

    Wow. That's very nice of them. Cool. So no need to farm/do dailies anymore. \O/
  12. 3rd Anniversary Festival: Events

    Yup. It seems newbies/f2p casuals/non-whales are deemed not deserving to celebrate BnS 3rd year anniversary. You have to earn the right to celebrate or buy your way in. This f2p casual will be taking a break again till the next event that I can join. Unless the Daily Quest that gives event tokens includes the normal DQ dungeons then we might have a chance to earn some token for that new costume.