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  1. Problem Rechargin Ncoins

    Hello I have this problem where im trying to buy ncoins with my credit card and everytime it get denied because some "security" problems, when i create tickets support they only enable me to make purchases withing a month (when it works) and then i have to send another ticket again. I didnt had this problem with the old system and i already used this card many times to buy stuff from other games and to renew my premium every month. Cmon Ncsoft what is happening why is this system put in place, dont u have a whitelist when it comes to this? Im really tired of having to open a ticket everytime i have to buy something from the shop,
  2. Hello im just courious if someone is having troubles when you try to buy ncoin and u press the credit card payement options i get this error; Error: PGC1801 Anyone knows why it happens?