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  1. FM need some tweak

    i have been playing fm for month already, few skills need some changes : 1. frost/ice stance switch should be done manually instead automatically triggering LMB/RMB hit. the problem is the stance only change when fm lmb/rmb projectile hits the target. for player like me playing 300ms there is a huge delay for lmb projectile to hit the target, imagine im in frost stance i need to cast heatwave i need to press RMB, wait 0.5sec then another 0.5sec projectile hits the target. if i need to switch back and forth skills i need to wait like 3-4 sec just to cast 2 skills please allow us to bind a key to manually change fire/ice stance 2. heatwave need to detonate instantly as soon as it reaches the ground instead need to press Z again to detonate 3. chi boom duration need to shorted to 2 seconds instead of 5 seconds (joke skill of the year) and fm is a joke in pvp, all melee in bns have 99m range blink, 100% projectile invulnerability for like 10-20sec (can block all fm skills since they are projectiles), 100% resistance kfm can cast nondodgeble stun on fm for 20sec but FM cannot cast un-tabbable stun to kfm joke class of the year, atleast warlock can press soulburn in dungeon run and then job is settle, fm useless in dungeon/pvp, low hp
  2. Untradeable items

    Untradeable what makes me not spending any penny in this game. Once u bought $1000 worth of items untradeable, it becomes worthless. Unlike in csgo ppl spend $10000 on knifes still keep its value atleast 80% becoz its tradeable. Not spending anymore penny in this game.
  3. Force Master - soul and mystic badge

    can some1 explain to me magnum effect soul badge? 300% dmg on glacial beam, if i crit 20k on glacial with that badge i hit 80k dmg? what is magnum effect 3000% dmg on snowball at coldsnap or 3000% dmg meteor? which better?
  4. Baleful/raven upgrade

    saw this ss, this was old patch baleful upgrade, thats terrible. 3000g upgrade
  5. bns economy is dying

    Its a huge mistake for the developer making most of the items untradable like elysian crystal, moonstone crystal. Trading is a huge attraction and unique only to online mmo, why not turn BnS into paid single player games when all item is untradable? successful mmo like runescape, maplestory both encourage trading in game but this game is opposite of them. Similar mistake did from bns is steam dota2. Last time the trading economy uses primarily key system for trading (key is main currency for trading each worth $2). Like this rare item costs $100, I would trade 50 keys for that rare item. What steam did was, they removed the key system from the game and made "all" in-game dropped items into untradable. Now economy in dota 2 is completely dead. And bns moving towards that direction.
  6. Baleful/raven upgrade

    yesterday tried to do msp for the first time, my comp cant handle it, whole screen hang when boss spawns eventho using i7 gtx860m. anyway how u salvage asura ss? i saw somebody with legendary ss with special skills name something like "Northen...... Soulshield" from hm11 player. cant search it in internet since i started 3weeks ago, i dont know baleful need 3000g to upgrade. thats expensive
  7. Baleful/raven upgrade

    how about legendary ss? how do i get them? im using yeti ss
  8. Baleful/raven upgrade

    Im relatively new to this game (started 1 month ago), now currently using true ivorymoon weap. Does upgrading it to baleful or raven worth 4000 gold mat cost? Cd reduction after 10 stacks what does that mean? Raven +200% skill dmg seems nice. I dont really mind fork out little money investing in gear if they could earn back. Playing from asian country with 300-500ms ping tho...
  9. Frost build op?

    using coldsnap and glacial and frost fury only, no other skills...
  10. stuck at act 7 chap 12 searching for jinsoyun quest, how to cont? lv 55 hongmoon ultimate how to unlock? thanks alot ;D
  11. 3x cloud coin in hongmoon store

    How many times 3x cloud coin (1 ncoin) in hongmoon store can be bought?
  12. pvp is a joke

    FM RMB hit 3 times u will get frozen for 5seconds. With 100% projectile invulnerability how do u even get hit with that?
  13. pvp is a joke

    also some of the class nearly 100% immune to all projectiles with stupid "block", atm melee class imba in this pvp. blink + 100% immune to ranged projectile + 20sec stun sad to play fm in pvp
  14. pvp is a joke

    how to fight when everyone perma stunlock u? playing as fm against kfm destroyer bladedancer warlock, kfm is the real joke here, stun like 20sec then wait another 5sec then stunlock another 20sec, cant even use tab when he stun u. pvp is real joke here