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  1. They can already easily fix this by some margin, by not resetting the skills if you want to switch between the skill tree's. I'm willing to live with the fact that they deleted the specification out of some skills and made them have a singular function. But this forced split between two playstyles is ridiculous.
  2. Anything wind build is better at than lightning?

    I seriously dislike the distinct OBLIGATED split, between wind and lightning now. I mean, being able to switch and select what you prefer between the range of skills is somewhat the beauty of our old skill system. This new set-up for BD is way too pre-chewed and simplified. I would prefer they would at least unlock the ability to mix between the wind tree and the lightning tree for each particular skill. or it's now additional wind or lightning attributes. I guess for new players this is not quite as much a pressing issue. But for someone who has always found peace and pleasure in combining both, I feel pretty screwed over.
  3. HM skills requirements changed ?

    I can confirm this, I specifically had the HM for sunder PVE middle tree for BD, but now I magically gained the HM version for the left side, after patch. and the HM type i had before now displays the red skill book.