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  1. game will be sold?

    I played Aion on EU under Gameforge, and Aion NA under NCsoft. Gameforge is extremely P2W compared to NCsoft. Imagine that in order to sell anything on the marketplace you HAD to be a premium member, in order to be able to unlock all character slots you HAD to be a premium member (which was already free in NA on Aion), even if you just wanted to simply trade with someone BOTH of you had to be premium. Want to mail some gold to another character? Got to be premium. Want to post in faction chat? Got to be premium. Not to mention that NCsoft would be at least 6 months ahead on updates. I'm not saying NCsoft is perfect, but in my opinion Gameforge taking control would actually be a nail in the coffin for Blade and Soul.
  2. server mt now?

    Don't forget that levels are wrong in Character select. I was 34 before I DC'd, CS says I'm 31.
  3. server mt now?

    The last post here says 8 hours ago, still getting disconnected every hour or so. Apparently most people are having the same problem.