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  1. @Cyan Scared Vial on dragon express next event is "Limited to 5 purchases per account". that mean we only have 5 Scared Vial total in all forgotten souls event or we still have Scared Vial per week?
  2. NC support didn't tell him someone was trying to claim his account first. They just banned the account and he thought the block ip had a problem of Exitlag vpn on Christmas. Then he got an email from NC supporter tell him to provide some information to prove that is his account without reason. He still didn't know that the account be claimed by someone. Two day ago, NC replied him that his account will be deleted because the account be disputed by another people. He was very shock after reading NC email. He tried to send some other tickets to prove like visa card, paypal... However, NC said t
  3. Lastnight My friend wrong- exchanged three soulshield ET #8. she sent the ticket. and NCs support replied that " We will support u this time but we only revert one of three ET soulshield pls choose one."
  4. I sent a ticket to support my issue 2 days ago. However, I didn't get any reply from BNS supporter. My ID ticket is #22494351. Pls help me as soon as possible! Thanks
  5. Today At 15.37PM GMT+ 7, I spend one Fish Hook to do Event. I got one Pet Pack and two Fleeting Angler's Oils. However, when I click Y to gather them, my pet pack disappeared and I only got two the Oils and missed Pet Pack. Pls help me to get back the pet pack. I took a picture pls check and support me!!
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