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  1. Heyo I was wondering if this was an option? The colors we've had were the same colors since we were able to make clan outfits and they've introduced new patterns but not colors. Is there a reason why we don't have a wider range of colors? The pepto bismol pink, mustard yellow, a lot of the colors are either similar (neutrals) or just...not a choice for most (the two colors I mentioned). A color wheel would be really nice so that we can choose our own specific colors instead of grey, I mean black or whatever ncsoft calls it.
  2. it's a recolor of an already existing outfit with slightly different socks. I doubt it's a licensing issue when it comes to that. i'm aware of those issues. I'm a fan of the genderbend concept, wish there were more genderbend options considering most of the male outfits are trash and most of the female outfits have been more thoughtfully designed. That's why I'm asking for the recolor of an outfit we already have because it's an easy and small option that shouldn't be hard to get.
  3. Is it possible for us to have the school outfit in blue for male characters for this event? It was released in KR some time ago, unless that was a mod that I saw. I feel there are a lot of outfits KR got that we never got and at this point, everything has been a recolor or an outfit we've seen hundreds of times already. Cosmetics is true endgame, guys. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, can you link it here? It was basically After School Special but with blue colors and a slightly different design. Would be nice to have this released in NA. @Cyan @Hime
  4. I don't know, honestly. This class is one of the only classes that was nerfed so hard/mistreated badly to the point no one likes playing it anymore save for a few. All the WLs I knew rerolled, whether it was to Gunner when it came out, Warden, Archer or some other pre-existing class. Instead of fixing WL, they introduced Warden with great dps, quicker SB, etc. It's easier that way and more $$$$ from people with a rerolling problem.
  5. It does not. DPS matters more now than it used to. It's not forcing, it's coercing. No one's sitting there with a gun to the player's head but just look at all the blademasters, sins, and whatever other class got 3rd spec bc I'm not keeping up. I know for a fact all the BMs I've met, ALL the sins I've met, have gone 3rd spec. This game long lost it's "play the class because you enjoy it" motto. Your idealized version of BNS does not exist anywhere but in your head. That's because the toxic player base only looks at the dps meter. The game makes you look at that meter, from the d
  6. It's been a while since this class was released and they do a ridiculous amount of dps. I know hoping for class balance in a game like this is pointless but every new class gets their nerfs not long after they are introduced, yet archer is still ridiculously powerful. I hope with this new update, there are class balances. Either buff the classes that lag behind or nerf the ones that are way too powerful.
  7. wtf. I swear this guy just comes in and defends literally anything and everything. No all 3 specs aren't still viable. Maybe for KFM, I don't know much about their 3rd spec but BM's 3rd spec, and the upcoming FM 3rd spec are doing way more damage than the original other two specs. It's forcing everyone to go 3rd spec unless you rather do way less damage. The new raid has a min dps req of like 4.5mil. With stuff like that, Fire BM is a meme. We get it, you love blade and soul but your replies in forums are pointless.
  8. Will this outfit ever be available via a merchant? It's super old and still a super rare drop.
  9. ^ How is him complaining about that a problem? He didn't say anything that wasn't true. Default female faces with gigantic boobs is common in the game and it's hilarious.
  10. I'm liking some of the daily specials but this is one that would be nice to see back. It's unfair that Dark Angel remains in the Hongmoon store but those who don't play female characters miss out (as usual). So please, if you could put this in the daily special (or not, I'll still buy it even if it's regular price), that would be amazing. Blue Porcelain is already in the hongmoon store so idk why that had to be a daily special. No one wants it.
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