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  1. Wind Blade Dancer Whirling Scourge (Z)

    I can confirm the Alluvion bug. I was just about to make a topic before I saw this one. It seems that when Alluvion effect ends, Rolling Typhoon will no longer be available, even if Whirling Scourge is still active.
  2. New Radiant Ring Changes

    Hi, I think they have random stats. Yesterday i saw 2 defense diamonds at the market. Not sure if the rest are still available (evasion, block, damage).
  3. When to cleave spam?

    But aren't we doing more damage with ani-canceling than with spamming cleave only? Cleave cast speed seems to be the same, but you also get LMB hit.
  4. Thank you. Good thing that only the description is wrong and we can still get them :D
  5. Hello, I noticed that the chapters of Lost Hongmoon Secret Techniques volumes 2 and 3 now drop from Nexus, Necropolis and Avalanche Den on hard mode. Since there is no hard mode for those dungeons do they now drop in normal mode or in some higher level dingeons (or do they drop at all)? I see they are quickly disappearing from the market, while those that remain have much higher prices.