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  1. Crashes and lagspikes in ToI

    First day after new patch I was planning to farm ToI for the new badge but the game crashed at the loading screen when I tried to enter. I tried again today and everything went well for about 15 min. Then the game starting having huge lagspikes when fighting in ToI and then the game finaly crashed on the loading screen out of ToI.
  2. Freeze/crash during MSP boss

    Can confirm this fix it. So I'ts prob a ui overload or something.
  3. Freeze/crash during MSP boss

    Don't know if this have been posted yet on the forums but the game keeps crashing/freezing during the MSP boss. I've discussed this issue over on reddit and it seems I'm not the only one with the issue. I haven't tested any other bosses but people have been reporting it happens when the CC bar appears. As of right now I can't do MSP at all and also suspect it will happens on other bosses aswell.