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  1. i wasnt even talking about big games. And i never said anything about archage ... Its just that ppl like to call the death of games, in the end these games are still up for years.
  2. it wont, BnS is still a really popular game. I know people like you like to call the death of a game when things happen that they dont like, but lets face the truth, BnS will still be a thing for some years.
  3. If pvp were actually good in BnS i would probably care more. Idk either why we dont have balanced battle ground.. maybe having no soul effect in 6v6 would help too^^
  4. Depending on the class i guess. For burst classes (Im not an expert but i think for example like sin and SF?) the 1min cooldown soul might still be the best. For most classes it will probably be the 8sec cd soul
  5. I dont rly care, i also play my alts but i never transfered my gems from my main onto them ... You can also do the daily challenge without these gems ...
  6. People never read patch notes carefully... Instead they go to the forums and complain.
  7. Well, on the last KR stream i was watching the whole pt had like 300k/s and that FM was at 700k/s ...
  8. Maybe you have just horrible ping. But FMs are top DPS in pve. Once i got all my Buff characters in f8 i always write that i look for "DPS" and honestly, if i see an FM joining or even 2, im a lot happier than seeing anything else.
  9. You are supposed to use Blazing Beam in PvE > Which becomes dragonchar under SB. While the dmg increasment isnt that high (there is one) you can cast dragonchar under SB much much faster than blazing beam and you only have to hold down 2 for that ...it already is a pretty strong skill for pve.
  10. Dont play them for dmg NCsoft likes to randomly nerf and boost classes in terms of dps ... so that changes all the time anyway. However BD is a solid class pve and pvp wise.
  11. I agree ... that "premium" feature is utter shit ... They should either remove it asap OR put sth real good in the spot for completing 1 round ... always.
  12. Kann man jetzt schon teilweise beeinflussen. Die größe der Hände bestimmt auch die größe der Waffe.
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