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  1. Grab your free reset token (premium) from f10 and reset the spiders quest. Trade the powder (4 powders per quest turnin) + 1 spider box for new box from the spiders daily. Receive additional buds and a chance for gold tokens to sell to vender. Use the orbs to buy the random soulplate box. Try for acc / crit but don't spend to much time on this. Also, buy your belt / gloves for buds or tokens, forget which. Learn crafting to make the soulplates to add stats. (gathering no longer exists, so will take you a few days for level 5 crafting) Learn crafting for transformat
  2. change permissions on the folder to everyone > full control (allow), and see if that makes a difference.
  3. Try this out, it worked for my brother and I, is a bit scary as you need to add access permissions to Everyone. Rclick(right click) NCSoft folder, lclick properies Click on Security tab > edit > add in that bottom box, type Everyone > lclick 'check names' > lclick okay lclick on Everyone in the top windows then at the bottom, lclick full control allow. lclick okay and lclick yes, wait a while for it to finish and try the game. this works too, if 'run admin' doesn't resolve issues ie not loading or loading very very slowly. runnning
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