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  1. Preach. I'm gonna try it out myself. I'm looking forward to being able to actually enjoy higher dungeons now.
  2. I've never seen it any other time than today... Oh well. More spins tomorrow, I guess.
  3. The spins aren't what I'm asking about. On the update announcement itself, it says that non-prem get 4 spins instead of two during the event (prem get 6.) Look at the pictures in my first post.
  4. (daily dash timer) -or is it just saying the reset is there and it isn't?
  5. Got it for myself and my gf! Worked instantly. If you're giving it as a gift (like I did with her), you don't get a code. You get a link that you give to the person you're gifting and they get the code themselves. The link should be sent to your email, so it's not rng.
  6. That's what I'm saying. There are people playing things with insufficient ram lol. I wouldn't want to kick out my friends just because of that. The main issue is if you're a random/in a random party, you wouldn't be able to tell if someone is afking or not.
  7. What about those with low end pcs? They take time to load in and get there and things have already died. They aren't afk but they just didn't load in fast enough. That wouldn't be fair to them.
  8. eeexcept I'm not the only person that's said so? and even if it were just me or whoever the other person/people was, there's a majority count. I'm not sure what you're basing your facts or counting on to come to that conclusion.
  9. You would be correct. It's a typo. I'm not sure what the problem is then; I play two other games that use this (terribly useless) anti-cheat [S4League and CLOSERS] and have had little to no issues with them. The problems I'm having ingame currently are problems I've had from the very beginning, so I really haven't noticed any differences here or there following the update that implemented XINGCODE. However, I do see where you're coming from, seeing as so many people are having countless issues with mere movement now, much less other things happening inside the game. T
  10. I haven't had many issues, so many it's a computer issue or client sided?
  11. No one seems to want to talk to/play with anyone that's under HM10, so I don't look for messages or try to talk to anyone besides my gf. It doesn't appear to be that anyone is honestly friendly enough to put effort into, either, so why bother?
  12. That terrible Paint censoring. OT: It's just a timer for whenever the new class comes? Why would we need this specifically?
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