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  1. 90g to mail gems between characters

    I love this game, but this is an alt killer 100%. Omg, why are you doing it? Just think for 1 moment. 50% of "active players" are alts. 100% players I know have, at least, 1 "geared" alt who are able to support at Bt for example. Another point: Players from others regions like Korea/China makes hundreds of gold per hour. Normal dungeons gave to them like 50g..in 1 dammit dungeon. IF we run all dungeons available today we are going to make like 100g-150g. So how we are supposed to level up an alt, upgrade our gear, UPGRADE THIS DAMMIT SOUL with extremely expensive oils and save money? Cmon Ncsoft. Just think a bit in your actual community and understand this is the most stupid thing you guys changed. There's literally no reason for that. Why don't fix the sacred oil prices? Why don't fix all the bugs in this game? Why don't make this game more alt-friendly? Naaah, lets just **** it over.
  2. I understand the fact we need a challenge in this game but, as the title says, why TOI is so freaking hard and unfair? What's the point? Those bots have impossible combos, sometimes there's nothing you can do and they do things like WHAAAT? Infinite cc, infinite tab escape and infinite grab. I think there is a wall between challenge and totally unfair gameplay. And this is unfair as ****. Worst then all, you must do it daily to get your badges... another dumb thing. We rly need other alway to get badges because that thing is a killing machine who only makes you have a breakdown. Talking with my cla mates, they said: "The fun of TOI is the challenge bla bla bla and you need to practice hard and GET GOOD". Rly? How fun is going there and die with a 100% combo or being stuck in a battle against FM who freeze yourself each 10secs or try to find a sin who keep invisible 100% of the time? I just want my ****** badge /rage What do you guys think about it?