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  1. When I have 2 afk's and I double everyone else's damage, but then lose 30 ranking. I have to try so hard just to win each game because I am fed useless gearless teammates, and to then only get 13 rating. One game I get 2 afk's and gearless scrubs then lose 30 rating which is about 3 games worth of effort that is down the drain because devs suck at balancing matchmaking and gear.

  2. I haven't been able to upgrade my aura for over 1/2 a year because it's stupidly expensive to upgrade and there is no viable way to farm pet pods/packs. Please either drastically reduce the price or make a way to farm them. Do not give me solo dungeons as an answer to farm them because I have over 100 clears on hong and mao and have only seen 2. Stuck on pre unleashed ultimate, because I need over 100 just for a couple of stages and prices are 85ish gold. 8.5k Just to upgrade old content gear, pretty sad.

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  3. Stop making realmrift supply chian an event dungeon, it's slow, none of my badges work, and my rotation is clunky because some of my gear effects don't work in here. This event dungeon is irritating. I'm already having trouble finding a reason to even logon, stop making it worse with annoying event dungeons.

  4. Hours? Please, it does not take hours. There are more than 12 people queuing. I'd rather wait 5-10 minutes than constantly fight against 6 dragonforged people with the 4-5 ravens and ascendants I kept getting.

  5. Please for the love of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing god. Fix your matchmaking. In the last few days I've constantly been grouped with ravens, balefuls, ascendants vs all of the enemy team having dragonforged. Even when I do some of the highest damage in a game, I still lose 15+ rating because of RNG. RNG for Christ sake. Do you want gold in 6v6? Better pray, since even with strong gear, you can't 1v6.

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